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Sony's New RX0 Camera Combines Acclaimed RX Image Quality with an Ultra-Compact, Waterproof and Robust Design - Markets Insider
Sony's New RX0 Camera Combines Acclaimed RX Image Quality with an Ultra-Compact, Waterproof and Robust Design PR Newswire.

The View Camera Aesthetic in the Digital Realm part 4
When digital backs for medium format cameras appeared as ... Save Now! Illuminati Wireless Light & Color Meter for Photo & Video – Bring your images into the Light! The Illuminati meter is a wireless, smartphone-connected light and color ambient and.

Reconnecting with our nature: teamLab's digital revolution - The Japan Times
The event launching the latest creation by art collective teamLab isn't your garden-variety presser. The assembled media sit on tatami mats in a stately room in Onyado Chikurintei, a quietly posh ryokan spa where members of the Imperial family have stayed.

Picture-Perfect Scenery: Local Photographers Talk Fall in Central PA - State College News
“I've made a lot of photographer friends across the country thanks to social media, and so many of them are jealous of our four seasons here in central Pennsylvania,” says Kelly Valeri, a State College resident and owner of Kelly V. Photography , which.

Illuminati Instruments Revolutionizes Light and Color Metering Technology for Photography and Cinema - Digital Journal
Often it can be time-consuming with questionable accuracy based on the metering equipment being used. Illuminati has solved these challenges with the first Bluetooth connected color and light meter for both photography and cinema. The Illuminati meter.

Shining a smarter light on Kitchener streets
Darcy Rink of Fairway Electrical installs an LED light on Francis Street in ... which they say will allow a host of new digital ways to provide better service in everything from garbage bins to water meters and parking lots. "We're taking the next steps.

Meet Rafael Y. Herman, the Parisian Artist Reinventing Photography
How does your artwork differ from traditional photography? Photography is about light ... something that professional light meter devices can’t do in the dark. So, I had to find a technical solution, using a mathematical formula, to develop a new.

For Californians from all over, a walk on a beach in a gem of a state - Sacramento Bee
The Middle Eastern family had paused to take pictures, and I could see why: We had reached that “magic time” for photographers when the sun's light is diffused by the rising marine layer. Dusk along the beach makes the world beautiful, especially on film.

Video Shows You How to Use a Vintage Mechanical Light Meter - PetaPixel (blog)
The old Walz Coronet was a selenium light meter , meaning the needle readout is connected to the + and – ends of a selenium photo cell that produces more or less electric power when exposed to more or less light. That's how the needle moves; beyond that.

Photographer captured Wichita's history – one frame at a time - Wichita Eagle
“He grew from a king of the light meter and knowing everything that was measured to learning about digital photography .” In his early days of photography, Mr. Eastwood worked for various commercial photography studios and at The Eagle. In 1958, he&nbsp.

Best Light Meter - The Guatemala Times
The Leaton light meter is a must-have too! The Leaton brand is being sold by the LeatonDirect, which creates light meters , thermometers, and other products. It is available in&nbsp.

LG V30 hands on – a mobile photography powerhouse - Android Authority (blog)
While the LG G series has struggled a bit in the past few years, the V Series has actually done rather well for itself since its inception in 2015. Sure, the line is nowhere near as popular as flagships from Apple and Samsung, but it certainly has its.

New meters mean Seattle City Light won't visit homes anymore - The Seattle Times
City Light uses meters to track energy usage in residents' homes and generate monthly bills. The city will be replacing about 420,000 meters in the next year and a half, hoping to finish by December 2018, according to City Light spokesman Scott Thomsen.

The Illuminati beams light data from multiple points to the photographer - Digital Trends
Light meters aren't quite the photography must-have now that they are built into the camera itself, but one startup is looking to bring the timeless tool into 2017 with a long list of modern features, from pinging a smartphone when the lighting changes.

Illuminati is the World's First Bluetooth Light and Color Meter - PetaPixel (blog)
A good light meter can improve your photography by helping you to create faithful captures of scenes with difficult lighting. You'll spend ... I get it was useful in film times when you had one shot to make it perfect but in the digital era it seems.