Lighting Techniques Portrait Photography

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Basic Single-Light Techniques for Photography and Film - Fstoppers
Mastering how to control and manage light is essential to becoming a proficient photographer or videographer. If you are new to using off-camera lighting , this short video by Film Riot provides an excellent demonstration of how a single light can be.

Easy Natural Light Portrait Photography Tips
As we all know, the best natural light of the day occurs during Golden Hour. The warm, golden tones of the light are nice and soft, illuminating the subject with beautiful light that has great depth, but without harsh shadows. Another great time to take an.

On Lighting Styles: Holly Andres Breaks Down Her Painterly Approach - PDN Online
For a shoot on a recent multi-city fashion story for New York magazine, Holly Andres hung lights from the ceiling and hid them behind drapes to light a Texas interior. “Her lighting is very cinematic, and that is part of what attracted me to her,” says.

Three Lighting Setups Using Window Light - Fstoppers
One of the best things about window light is that you can find it almost anywhere. As winter approaches and chilly weather threatens to keep photo sessions indoors, photographers will face the choice of how to light their portraits . Strobes and flashes.

iPhone X Camera Overview: Portrait Lighting, Video Improvements, Front-Facing Portraits and More - Mac Rumors
Apple iPhone X: Top performer for stills - DxOMark DxOMark.

5 Tips for Mastering Shadows in Your Photography
But shooting in a low-key style, embracing shadows to create some dramatic portraits is just as fun and exciting. For the past few years, I have felt a little limited in my photography in terms of only photographing in bright, open, natural light conditions.

How 99%IS- Staged the Most Sublime, Subversive Fashion Shoot in Seoul: Exclusive -
Rather than the overt interpretation of punk dress codes that has defined his work until now, he has distilled that rebellious spirit and reinterpreted it in fresh silhouettes and new fabrics that more clearly showcase his couture-level techniques . “If.

I Built That: 5 Homemade Light Modifier Recipes - PDN Online
Portrait photographer Nick Fancher hit upon his modifier after searching for a creative solution to a portrait lighting challenge. “I had a portrait shoot coming up and had the idea to make a thin ray of pure white light illuminating the subject's eyes.

Three Basic Lighting Techniques That Apply to Anything - Fstoppers
Lighting is equal parts art and science. The science part often comes in understanding how different surfaces absorb and reflect light and how that impacts the setup you'll require. This great video shows you three general situations and the unique&nbsp.

What is Apple's Portrait Lighting and how does it work on iPhone? -
Last year, when Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus, it announced Portrait Mode, which takes advantage of the phone's two cameras on the back to a deliver a more DSLR-like photo with a shallower depth of field. You can access it swiping between the.