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Quick Tips for Improved Portraits
You're also dependent upon things like having great lighting, a good background ... An Essential Guide How to Blur the Background in Portraits ... 9 Can’t-Miss Portrait Photography Tips ... Production Lamingtons: Antarctica – While You Were.

Learn Proper Lighting for Men vs. Women for Great Portraits
Whether you’re planning to practice portrait photography for personal ... more targeted constant lighting for hard light. Daniel also notes, however, that you’re free to experiment and adjust these techniques depending on the look your projects calls.

iPhone 8 Plus Portrait Lighting Feature
One of the things we were most excited about was the new "Portrait ... Lighting. Other than that all we used was the natural light outside our office and there are no filters or editing on these photos — they're straight from the phone. We received a few.

Lighting Black Faces: Mic Interviews 'Insecure' Director of Photography Ava Berkofsky
Xavier Harding recently interviewed Ava Berkofsky, HBO's director of photography for the show "Insecure," for Mic to find out what her techniques are for ... makeup on them in conventional lighting for conventional portraits. Dark skin does NOT need.

Shutter Release: Portrait lighting setup, large format portraiture, Photoshop tips, Yashica’s return and more
We start with an article and a video showing portraiture behind the scenes, then look at 10 tips for landscape photography before moving to a ... His article has a lighting breakdown, camera settings and a lot of sample shots. It's an interesting look.

5 Essential Portrait Lighting Tips You Need to Know
We’re bringing you 5 portrait photography lighting tips that you can apply to indoor, outdoor, or artificial lighting setups. Even with very minimal sunlight, there is always light direction. Simply hold out your hand in front of your face and turn and.

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips
Putting Together a Budget DIY Lighting System for under Osity- I'm pinning this onto my Photography Tips board. There's some good ideas there! Group photo posing cheat sheet -- best tips for group photos and single portraits is pay attention to the details.

Picture perfect: Tips on how to choose the proper frame for artwork or portraits
And if you truly want to display special art or family portraits to cherish always or share with others ... or it might include something with built-in lighting to give it a museum-quality appearance. $3.95 a month: Get unlimited access to

Lessons on properly lighting dark-skinned actors from “Insecure” director of photography Ava Berkofsky
so I never gave it a thought what it would take to light a model with dark skin. Therefore, I found these tips from Ava Berkofsky really interesting. Of course, they’ll also be useful for all portrait photographers or cinematographers working with models.

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light
High Dynamic Range photography techniques usually increase the ability to see ... and that can be flattering and it can help rescue portraits made in bad lighting. I made this picture late in the morning on a mountain top and the sun was quite direct.