Lightroom 5 Killer Tips By Scott Kelby Digital Photography

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It seems that the shift from boxed software to digital subscription plans is paying off big time for the San Jose, California-based company. ... 52% of customers are paying $50 per month for the full “All Apps” plan, while the rest are paying for.

New Plug-in to Bring Layers to Lightroom and Aperture - PetaPixel
Perfect Layers is a new plug-in by OnOne Software that brings layers functionality (e.g. image layers, blend modes, layer masks, etc…) to Lightroom and Aperture. The program is currently in Public Beta right now available as a 30-day free trial.

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6 Digital Photography Websites With Free Tutorials
I owe a significant amount of my digital photography ... Photoshop Killer Tips is the best of free for Photoshop users. Matt Kloskowski is also one of three hosts of Photoshoptv. Along with the other two, Scott Kelby and Dave Cross, these three experts.

Scott Kelby Named Top-Selling Computer Book Author in the US for 3 rd Year in a Row
BUSINESS WIRE)--Peachpit Press and the Pearson Technology Group have announced that, for the third year in a row, Scott Kelby is the top-selling computer book author in ... Lightroom™. Many of Kelby’s 2005 releases, such as Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips.

Quick Tip: This is Why You Can Move Adjustment Brush Edits in Lightroom - PetaPixel (blog)
Here's a very simple answer to a common question you've probably either asked, or been asked, about Lightroom adjustments: Why does Lightroom let you move adjustment brush edits? How is that even useful? Prolific photography teacher Scott Kelby &nbsp.

Pro tips for printing in Lightroom: All about Lightroom print templates and crop guides - imaging resource
Earlier this week, Scott Kelby posted a tutorial for making a custom print layout (video below). You can download the preset in the link above, but Kelby goes over how to make the layout from scratch and save it as a preset. Start by going to the Print.

The Google Nik Collection is now free! - Techradar India
Viveza, meanwhile, is designed to bring the same degree of local tone adjustments to colour images that black and white photographers have long practiced in the darkroom using 'dodging and burning' techniques. The Google Nik Collection also contains&nbsp.