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How to start selling stock photographs
Fine Art America deals with photos and other digital ... trusty mirrorless or DSLR camera. When there's a down moment in your day, shoot. Shoot some more. Then upload. Even if it's just a shot of your lunch. Food makes great stock photography, if properly.

A look into the augmented future of photography
As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, I have a lengthy history in photography. I’ve been a working pro photographer ... Sometimes the answer to a question like “Why do people still buy SLR cameras?” is “Because they like the look of a.

Skillsoft is the Number One Provider of Corporate eBooks, Audiobooks, Book Reviews and Book Summaries
The company delivers these digital books and courses via personalized learning paths across ... Access 2013, SharePoint 2013, SLR Photography and Scrivener. For information about how Percipio addresses a full range of learning preferences across books.

"iPhone X and the Rise of Computational Photography"- TDS Podcast 602
If I were to place my cameras for 2018 in a line on a table moving from left to right in terms of technical sophistication, it would go something like this: Pentax Super Program SLR, Olympus PEN ... embracing computational photography in a very.

Glass from the past: Using classic lenses
It’s just not very practical with most DSLRs: few lenses can be adapted from one SLR mount to another ... originally intended when used on full-frame cameras. Most digital cameras, of course, have smaller sensors, and this imposes a field-of-view.

Photography: Working Low Light
With the advent of quality, yet affordable digital SLR cameras on the market ... One of the first things to know is that there are very few concrete rules in photography. Mistakes made with a digital camera are a click or two of the reformat button.

Editorial Team
Paul continues to write freelance for the UK photo press, where his reviews have appeared in publications such as Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Professional Photography Magazine, and Photography Monthly Magazine. David Cardinal is a veteran travel and.

The Newest Frontier in Branded Content: Print
And yet, we knew that our readers were mainly practitioners -- digital strategists ... company had written over the course of the previous year and turn them into a big glossy magazine, complete with custom artwork and photography, which could then.

Interview: Self-Taught Photographer Crafts Surreal Scenes Inspired by Vintage Film Stills
Photographer Simon McCheung fell into photography on a whim after purchasing a DSLR camera. Once he taught himself the craft ... Can you tell us a bit more about this series? Of course! Interstellar was created about the issue of climate change, but.

Apple thinks different – and the same – about the ‘town square’
Courses such as photography will ... right of peaceable assembly. The Digital Age isn’t just about hardware, software, or “the internet of things.” It can also be an “internet of community,” or what Wired magazine described in 2005 as an.