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Learn How to Photograph an Eclipse Without Damaging Your Eyes or Your Camera PR Newswire (press release.

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This style of photography often captures the most comical expressions, and is a necessary skill for artists who specialize in photographing dogs. Choosing the ... These can be the most difficult action shots to capture since the plane of focus changes.

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While focus lock is a simple and effective method of focusing on off-centre subjects, it's not always the most convenient option. If your subject is consistently going to be in the same off-centre position for a series of images, you should manually.

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Focus Shift makes automatic, minute adjustments to focus, so you can combine them using focus stacking techniques. It does require a lens ... Earlier Nikon cameras supported manual focus adjustment, which is very useful if you have a lens that's focusing.

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When you're first starting in filmmaking, the veritable plethora of techniques , equipment, skills, and the like you have to have can seem like an impossible bunch to conquer. Being younger is yet another challenge. This video gives some helpful tips.

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REWIND:] FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR WHEN THE LIGHTING IS UNDESIRABLE ... A quick note on automatic shooting modes versus manual – if you are attempting to use an automatic shooting mode for these techniques, like a camera’s “macro” setting, you.

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So be careful, and try these techniques at your own risk. ... A fun (and safe) way to test a lens is to try photographing the Moon first. ... Once you have the Sun in frame, carefully focus using manual focus and the live view mode on your camera.

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In today's Quick Tips , we look at a tricky portrait technique - but one that pays off when done right. ... The camera's autofocus system may be fooled by the backlight and struggle to lock focus. Switch to manual focus and tweak the focus yourself.

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One of the first rules of photography is that the subject should be pin-sharp. Most modern digital cameras offer a number of ways of achieving sharp photos, and in this post we're going to look at the most important digital camera focus techniques and.

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You'll also need to use manual focus to increase your chances of capturing a sharp shot. Even though it's tempting to check your shot on the back of your camera, resist and just keep hitting the shutter button instead. You'll then be able to check all of.

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As the moon makes its closest approach to earth tonight, not only will it appear some 7% larger, but also 15% brighter as well, making it the best possible time to shoot it since 1948, while you won't get another chance like this again until 2034. As.

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Focus stacking ... focus stacking techniques to get infinite depth of field for landscapes with any lens. Mark also goes over some shooting tips to help you get the best source material to work with, regardless of whether you use manual or auto focus.

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Here's a short 5-minute video from photographer Ed Verosky focusing on lighting portraits. In 5 minutes, he walks through his top five tips to help beginners improve their portrait lighting. ... For most indoor flash portraiture, manual is the way to.