Mathematica basics of photography

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David Eden, 63 -
He was active in Israeli politics and a member of Kibbutz Yas'ur before moving to Princeton in 1996 where he worked for Mathematica Policy Research as a translator. David is survived by his wife, Elka Frankel; his sisters, Leslie and Diana Eidelman.

Science Gets Raw: Film Festival Celebrates Science Communication, Exploration, Giant Robots -
The guest list included luminaries such as theoretical physicists Kip Thorne (who was an executive producer on the film "Interstellar") and Stephen Wolfram (an advisor on the recent film "Arrival" and developer of the science-visualization tool.

A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Pen Tool in Photoshop
In it, you'll start with the basic elements of the Pen Tool and how it functions ... It's a bit tricky at first, but once you learn it, it'll likely become an indispensable part of your photo-editing arsenal. As Dinda mentions, be sure to spend a little.

Dissecting the alien language in 'Arrival' - Engadget
He explains the "shell" ship design of the aliens, the work he did to ensure the science was accurate while still being entertaining and the extent that his Mathematica software was used therein. He even dishes on the whiteboard full of formulas shown.

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development
Sea Grant works to create a diverse workforce trained in marine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, law and policy ... for teachers to improve ocean literacy in the classroom. Photo credit: Christopher Katalinas, National Sea Grant Office.

Surface Laptop can be switched to Windows 10 Pro for free until 2018 - CNET
Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop YouTube.

Dear E.T.: Math on Voyager's Golden Record Tells a Story
But the record also contains encoded photos seeking to teach aliens the mathematics — or really ... "If you have a representation of the Earth, you have a photo of the Earth from space, and the aliens say, 'OK, that's good, but will it fit in a bread.

KALW Almanac ~ Wednesday July 5, 2017 - KALW
Calvin n Hobbes ! Taken by flickr user PC - My [email protected] Photography Follow. Today, Wednesday July 5 is the 186th day of the year. There are 179 days remaining until the end of the year. 489 days until Congressional Elections on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Wolfram's Mathematica 10 connects math to the cloud - PCWorld
Wednesday afternoon, Wolfram Research debuted Mathematica 10, the first iteration of the company's signature program to tap into both the company's Wolfram programming language and the power of the cloud. ... In addition to the substantial number of.

Excerpts from Philosophers' Love Letters - The New Yorker
The only thing I know is that I know nothing. We've gathered at the agora several times and discussed our shared regard for divinity, but I hardly know anything about you! Have you always been a midwife? Would you pursue virtue over material wealth.

The Surprising Subject of the First Book of Photographs - Scientific American (blog)
But what you may not realize is that algae are, in fact, quite beautiful, and never more so than when their diaphanous delights are on full display in a cyanotype, the type of photograph employed by Anna Atkins, the author of " Photographs of British.

4 Things We Don't Know About AP Tests - NPR
This week and next is a national rite of passage for stressed-out overachievers everywhere. Nearly 3 million high school students at 22,000 high schools will be sitting down to take their Advanced Placement exams. Created by the nonprofit College Board.

On the block: Autographs, movie cameras, historic maps & stock tickers - New Atlas
It comprises two first-day-issue Postal Covers and a photograph , all autographed by the first man to climb the world's tallest mountain. With an estimate of US$400 to $600, I'm sure many of our readers could envisage this framed momento of achievement.