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California must invest in watersheds, just like dams
To support our prosperity and growth, California needs to expand its investments in our physical and natural infrastructure. This is particularly apparent as climate change puts stress on our ability to provide safe, clean water. One of the bills awaiting.

California: New mandatory water conservation rules for lawns, hotels, restaurants
Ban Californians from watering lawns and landscaping with potable water within 48 hours after measurable rainfall. Require cities, counties, water districts and private companies to limit lawn watering to two days a week if they aren’t already limiting.

Costa Rica president criticizes response to Venezuela crisis
The president of Costa Rica ... crisis in Venezuela. "It is not that there is paralysis, what I think prevails is an inefficiency given the nature of the crisis," said the Costa Rican president in a meeting with correspondents at the Casa de América.

Top Shows, July 19-25
Last time Jones was in town, he and his band, The Driving Rain, played a sweltering July show at The Juggling Gypsy, moving through biting rock songs, country-tinged ballads and even a Motown cover his smoky voice is right at home with. Jones’ style has.

Casi 500 muertos por deslaves en Sierra Leona
Las organizaciones de socorro estaban distribuyendo agua potable mientras se avecina una crisis sanitaria. Saidu Kanu, director nacional de la organización World Hope International, dijo que "las fuentes de agua se han contaminado" y que las autoridades.

Filtering out a global problem
He has owned the stand for over a decade, but started working there daily only about four years ago, serving as a de facto office for his clean ... a giant network of filters and white pipes reading “AGUA POTABLE.” Manufactured by Georgia-based First.

The Burden of Thirst
Aylito Binayo's feet know the mountain. Even at four in the morning she can run down the rocks to the river by starlight alone and climb the steep mountain back up to her village with 50 pounds of water on her back. She has made this journey three times a.

Horse Hydration FAQs
“All of these things may change the horse’s demand for water. Always follow good basic horse keeping rules and have fresh, potable water available at all times.” 2. How do I encourage my horse to drink? Both of our sources agree that the easiest way.

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