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Fujifilm's Instax instant film business has been booming as of late, selling in record numbers (outpacing Fujifilm's digital cameras ) and dominating sales charts on Amazon. But sadly, it doesn't appear that Fujifilm's .... If you spend £15K on large.

Getting Into Medium Format on a Budget: Fstoppers Reviews the Mamiya RB67 - Fstoppers
I personally didn't buy this camera to shoot film, but rather to shoot medium format . I had tried a Phase One XF IQ2 50MP and loved the look I could get out of the larger sensor. Although it's becoming cheaper every day to get into digital medium.

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The Nikon D850 has the best sensor ever, according to DxOMark imaging resource.

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Over the past few years, we've seen digital medium - format photography go from something of a hulking utilitarian beast into something a little more elegant in terms of usability. The Phase One and Hasselblad flagships, although coveted by many, were.

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α7R III with 35 mm full-frame image sensor | ILCE-7RM3 | Sony US Sony.

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But one thing to keep in mind is that we are still talking medium format . So put this camera head to head with other medium format cameras and things look a lot better. While the camera has to rack back and forth each time you focus in order to lock in.

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Stark resolution: Phase One announces world's first 100-megapixel achromatic digital back imaging resource.

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The Canon 5DS R is one of those cameras that produces incredibly accurate colors and if you use a ColorChecker Passport (which has not been used in these images), this is further amplified. In the ... Dynamic range is often discussed as being a major.

Medium Format 3 of 3 - Adorama
With three entry-level medium format cameras on the market, including DSLR from Pentax and mirrorless offerings from Hasselblad and Fujifilm, digital medium format photography is within reach for more photographers than ever. It is still not a cheap.

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Years later, after making the switch to digital , I chose to invest in the Hasselblad H system mainly for the fact that it offered higher sync speeds than that of small format — 1 /800 second on the Hasselblad versus 1 /250 for Nikon/Canon (more on sync.