Minimalist lighting professional techniques for studio photography pdf

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7 tips for taking better selfies
If you want to get in on the trend, here are some tips on taking ... white backdrops for her minimalist selfies. We already said mixing up your facial expressions is good, but sometimes having the exact same look in every photo can be pretty fantastic.

Irving Penn: Your reviews
Penn’s portraits, with their bare backgrounds and natural lighting, seem at first to distil their subjects. Standing in an empty studio ... photography’s nonpareil - a champion of chiaroscuro and master of silver gelatin and platinum printing techniques.

Will Today’s Digital Movies Exist in 100 Years?
Centuries from now, it’ll be easy enough to retrieve what’s stored on such films—a process that requires little more than a light source and a ... before pulling the plug. Some professional photographers and photo agencies lost years’ worth of.

Our Ever-Changing Identities, Revealed by the Lens
Increasingly, day by day, photography has seeped into every corner of our lives. Genres that were once the province of more dedicated, professional ... this free 60-page PDF from Magnum Photos—filled with excellent tips, advice and words of wisdom.

Were the Dove Ads Retouched?
Is it possible to determine whether the Dove photos were retouched ... in the images' shadows or lighting gradients. (See, for example, this forged photo of John Kerry and Jane Fonda, where one calculation (PDF) pegged the light coming from 123 degrees.

Passport photo tips: Dial down glare, wear colour
TORONTO -- Of all of the snapshots required for government-issued ID, the passport photo can prove to be the most problematic. There are strict requirements related to backdrop, lighting ... tips for putting your best face forward: 1. Ensure the photo.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPad
Sometimes when you’re out shooting on location, or in between projects, you won’t have time to head back to your studio or set up a laptop to edit photographs. And luckily you don’t need to with the capabilities of professional photo editing software.

Job Opening: Media Artist, LACERA
Video: Professional experience understanding video concepts, working with a script/storyboard, staging photo shoots, lighting, sound recording ... Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Compressor, Soundtrack.

Journalist Nearly Banned from YouTube and Gmail For Posting Al-Qaeda Videos From Chelsea Manning Trial
“Something like uploading al-Qaeda footage, for example, without something in the video itself that makes it really clear that this is reporting, something you’re trying to shed light on, something you’re criticizing, whatever it is, would come down.

Stop Being Boring When People Ask "So What Do You Do?"
To avoid these traps, try Fast Company’s tips on engagingly describing what you do: These tips hit home for the Lifehacker team. Writing careers are non-linear and involve a lot of aspirations and concessions, so writers often over-explain or self-deprecate.