Multiple exposure photography film vs digital

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In traditional film cameras , double exposures require exposing the same film to two different light conditions—that is, two different compositions. A digital camera does the same thing in a single digital file. It's a tricky bit of shooting, but it.

10 Things I've Learned from 10 Years Shooting with a Hasselblad - PetaPixel (blog)
It's not about film versus digital : it's about squares versus rectangles, big cameras versus small cameras , fast cameras versus slow cameras . This has been a reason I have held off so long on getting a digital camera to replace the Hasselblad, I am too.

Flash Five: 5 Instant Film Alternatives to the Polaroid Camera
Film ... photography. One of the most famous cameras from the heyday of film was the Polaroid, which offered the innovative ability to take a picture and have the image printed from the camera on the spot. Camera companies now offer instant digital cameras.

#AwesomeApps: Filmic Pro Transforms Your Phone - The Digital Circuit (blog)
Having a camera on a phone that allowed me to shoot with depth of field was, as far as I was concerned, revolutionary. I loved the stills, and the video even more, with the ability to shoot multiple formats: 4K video recording at 30 fps, 1080p HD video.

Tips for photographing the solar eclipse - CNN
39;Ring of Fire' solar eclipse will occur on February 26, how to watch - Blasting News Blasting News.

The Camera Hype
Once the announced camera ships, they double bank, because of the profits associated ... I can understand if one was shooting with their grandpa’s film camera and wanted to invest in a digital camera for the first time. But even then, I would never.

The Best Instant Film Cameras You Can Buy Right Now - TIME
Instant cameras are nothing new. The first commercial instant camera was the Land Camera Model 95, invented in 1948. Edwin Land, who created the camera , was an American inventor and the founder of the instant photography giant Polaroid in 1937.

Photographing Jennifer Lawrence: A photographer's dream come true
I watched the film and smiled ... The next call was to Digital Transitions—a New York based retailer for Phase One and various other top professional photography brands. I can depend on Digital Transitions for providing a quick rental program for.

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Since you require the fact that film FORCES you to think more because of the number of rolls of film you have with you... that says more about your self discipline than anything about the camera . ... Sometimes I prefer to think to my remaining.

Commuters, cranes and party crowds: the (very quiet) comeback of silent film - The Guardian (blog)
London Symphony uses the techniques of the silent era, but in this case the multiple exposures , montages and even a brief flash of colour have been achieved digitally. Shooting with digital cameras was a budgetary necessity, and allowed Barrett's.