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Local couple chronicles five-year journey in National Geographic book
In January 2012, Hoboken residents Anne and Mike ... Now the couple has a blog and new book just released on Sept. 5, published by National Geographic, with travel tips, trips, and fond memories. Mike and Anne said they were inspired after reading a.

Introducing the new DxOMark Mobile test protocol
When we launched our original DxOMark Mobile test protocol in 2012 ... new bokeh sub-score based on lab and outdoor testing Low-light testing down to 1 Lux Motion-based test scenes for more accurate evaluation of camera performance and processing.

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi – New info about evil Snoke revealed?
We’re also expecting a darker feel to the movie overall. The first clue is the new red logo ... Episode VIII was actually announced way back in 2012 – when Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Principal photography ended in July 2016, although some shoots.

15 Riveting Facts About Alan Turing
Though he was considered an average student, Turing was dedicated enough to his schooling that when a general strike prevented him from taking the train to his first day at his new elite boarding ... he died by suicide. In 2012, Jack Copeland, a Turing.

How the Brazilian Bikini Wax Conquered the 90s
She somehow got it in her head to introduce her maximum wax to her New York beauty clients—a homegrown ... “They would say, ‘My friend took me to a place and there I saw five movie stars and the sex tips they tell there! [Does] it really work.

The Camera Hype
After reading this very convincing article, I decided that every bad picture I had was a result of the bad 18-135mm lens I owned, so I started my quest on purchasing this new amazing gem ... spend time learning about photography techniques and improving.

The unexpected art of outback New South Wales
For many travellers to Oz, the state of New South Wales (NSW) has big-ticket appeal ... is the Palace Hotel – you may have seen it take a starring role in the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This three-storey pub was erected.

"HDMI Out - The Untapped Resource"- Photography Podcast 601
This opens up a whole new world of movie making. You still have access to all of the ... Our next Nimble Classroom focuses on Luminar Pro Techniques on Saturday Sept. 23. If you want to master this amazing image editing application, join us online for.

‘I Love You Daddy’ DP on Shooting B&W 35mm, Hitchcock’s Influence on the Secret Movie, and the Discerning Eye of Louis C.K.
As a result I went to a family I’ve known since film school, the Sheitingers over at TCS [New York rental house ... I’ve become quite comfortable in the world of digital photography, with its current 800 ISO paradigm. A two-stop loss (5222, presently.

Mansur Gavriel's Four Tips for Success as a Fashion Entrepreneur
NEW YORK, United States — Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur are the founders and designers behind accessories label Mansur Gavriel. Launched in 2012 with only two styles ... The graphic design, photography and emotion of the brand are as important.