Newcastle street photography techniques

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Street Photography: Creative Vision Behind the Lens
to capture the world around them and for the experienced street photographer wishing to improve their techniques and images, Street Photography requires no special equipment, just a passion for seeing and capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The Shutter Speed Redemption – from ex-convict to celebrated street photographer
One of the joys of photography is that ... now recognised as a talented street photographer, Donato had no idea the genre even existed. ‘I thought of photographers as photographers, and still do. I’d research techniques and photographers online.

7 Gritty Tips That Will Create the Foundation for Your Street Photography
The speed at which the moment occurs in street photography can be lightning quick. Sometimes you can see it coming, but often it will hit you instantly and then disappear before you can react. If you are constantly walking around while photographing.

Weekend planner
The annual surfing competition wraps up this weekend ... International Salon of Photography; Sculptors Richard Goodwin and Michael Snape & ArtStars: artwork by kids from MRAG's after-school program. 230 High Street, Maitland. Newcastle Art Gallery.

'Some of them are moved to tears': A photographer is capturing Ireland's lifeboat crews with Victorian techniques
USING TECHNIQUES INVENTED hundreds of years ago, a photographer is spending at least five years travelling around Ireland and the UK to capture haunting images of lifeboats and their volunteers on glass plates. Jack Lowe from Newcastle upon Tyne has.

Here's how to not suck at photography
Through videos, articles, ebooks, flashcards, quizzes, and more, you'll study a variety of photography techniques used by some of the best in the business. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a professional certification. But the.

Shutter Release: Portrait lighting setup, large format portraiture, Photoshop tips, Yashica’s return and more
We start with an article and a video showing portraiture behind the scenes, then look at 10 tips for landscape photography before moving to a pair of Photoshop tutorial videos and finish up with an interesting teaser video from Yashica. We've got a lot of.

3 tips for the optimal subject distance in street photography
Let me show you 3 great ways to find the right distance for your street photos. Street photography is about capturing strangers in public. In its essence, you are taking a photo without someone’s consent. Although it’s not forbidden in most countries.

Simple Street Photography Tips
Street picture with Akira Kurosawa movie poster in background. Tokyo, 2017. Mall street photography: free air conditioning and lots of people, and lots of leading lines, diagonals, and graphical elements to shoot. MASTERS distills the key lessons from the.

12 Tips for Outstanding Street Photography
Opportunities for shooting street photography abound, but few people know how to capture evocative images of everyday life. Our 12 simple tips cover everything from lenses to privacy laws, so you'll be ready to hit the streets like a pro. A classic.