Oszilloskop Analog Oder Digital Photography

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Tech's appeal: 3 geeky Valentine's Day gift ideas
Look no further than the Roku Express and the access to thousands of apps it provides. The new compact Roku offers models in analog, HDMI and 4K depending on the TV you own. At a starting price of $30 this is a great gift for the price-conscious.

Kickstarter's top projects: When they shipped
About 90% of the digital prints shipped before the end of November ... severing tendons and nerves in his right hand. Burlew told CNNMoney that he is in physical therapy now and hopes to begin drawing in at least short bursts within a few weeks.

Senator Demands Answers After ICE Uses 'Stingray' to Arrest Immigrant
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has repurposed cellphone tracking technology typically used in criminal investigations to track down at least one immigrant for deportation, The Detroit News revealed last week. ICE’s controversial use of the.

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists
I only remember one practical writing lesson from my three years as an English major: Whenever you can, put the best bits at the end of the sentence. Put the next-best bits at the beginning, and put the rest in the middle. This trick works in every kind of.

Gift-shopping online
Nothing puts one in a miserly mood than when one is faced with hordes of sharp elbows, body odor and cranky salespeople. Whatever thoughtfulness you had at the beginning of your Christmas gift shopping session turns into a “Oh, chuckit, our friendship.

Which Bacteria Smell Like Tortillas, Flowers, or Delicious Browned Butter?
My sister, a medical student who has worked in a pathology lab, recently mentioned in passing that specific strains of bacteria, grown in an incubator, can have some pretty unusual smells. When I asked what she meant, she drew me this table (on some handy.

Can Electronic Cigarettes Challenge Big Tobacco?
Numbers like that have put Big Tobacco on notice. “Consumption of e-cigs may overtake ... dislike almost as much as the high cost and the gloomy health implications. “Odor is a big thing for smokers,” says Weiss. “It’s their clothes and their.

Repelling Bugs With The Essence Of Grapefruit
They don't like the odor they have, they don't like the greasy feel they give ... cross-reaction between nootkatone and adrenaline receptors. Adrenaline is the human analog of insects' octopamine. Dolan thinks nootkatone is likely to be so nontoxic.

A Haven for Lovers of the Analog
WHEN an insurance company declared the merchandise at Leeds Radio “not pilferable” last year, it meant that the store’s hundreds of thousands of analog electronic parts ... like a vintage record shop (an odor Mr. Matthews describes as equal.