Peak district large format photography vs digital

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What Kodak could still learn from Polaroid - Washington Post
Twenty-five years ago, two corporations, Eastman Kodak and Polaroid, essentially owned the U.S. market for photographic film, with a modest but growing slice going to Fujifilm of Japan. It was a huge business, with good profit margins. At its peak in.

The 2001 things we like most in the world, according to Facebook - BGR
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has something for everybody and most users come back for more and more multiple times per day. Sure, the company mishandled user privacy in the past, but it.

Happenings, March 1
The banner includes the soldier’s photo, branch of service and era of service ... This year’s competition will feature a new bracket format, giving each team a guarantee of two games. The event will take place at Crestwood High School, Mountain.

Frames Per Second: Is a DSLR or a Cinema Camera Right for Your Video? - Photo District News
In a world where pro cinema camera prices started in the five figures and even professional camcorders captured footage with a distinctly video look and a large depth of field, suddenly there was a sub-$3,000 device that could shoot gorgeous, cinematic.

Simple gesture makes big difference - Ballarat Courier
The pair offered Sebastopol Primary School a large lock-up base to dock their computer tablets – a dock no longer needed in their Ballarat District Nursing and Healthcare workplace, yet basic equipment that would make a big difference for the school.

Storm Risk Today - Breathing Easier Sunday - Summertime Situational Awareness - Minneapolis Star Tribune
These “sparks on steroids” have a high enough peak current that they are able to travel many miles from the parent storm cloud, posing a danger to folks that may find themselves under otherwise clear skies and sunshine..." ... And early research.

Tumby Bay Council keeps with long term plan - Port Lincoln Times
The Tumby Bay District Council is keeping to its goal of reducing rate increases in line with its Long Term Financial Plan. The council discussed its draft annual business plan for 2017/18 in a special meeting on Tuesday and is expected to release it.

Melbourne weather: Storms stay clear as severe weather warning cancelled - Ballarat Courier
south west, the Wimmera and central districts could extend to Melbourne by Saturday afternoon. "It'll be a full on weekend," Mr King said. Damaging winds averaging between 50 and 60km/h with peak gusts of 100km/h are expected over south west.

From Punch Cards to Holograms – A Short History of Data Storage
While we’re getting to a stage that’s close to “Peak Moore’s Law” in that we’re not necessarily ... CDs use a similar technology as LaserDisc, only in a digital format. Much like LD, information is stored within the pits and lands of a disc.

Come face-to-face with Christian Thompson's photography exhibition - Central Western Daily
Entitled Christian Thompson, REMIX: a decade of photography this survey of his recent photographic work includes 19 large format images from five series and was made possible through artwork loans from the Art Gallery of NSW and Michael Reid Gallery.

Next step of digital learning: Canobolas students get a touching new educational aid - Central Western Daily
Canobolas Public School received two Samsung 65 inch large format display units and accessories, which operate like a smart board when they return to school for term 1. “We use technology a lot at school,” relieving principal Megan Manson said.

History | Filling gaps in foreshore story | Mike Scanlon - Newcastle Herald
It was from July 1960 and it is reproduced above in a 'then and now' format . There was a skeleton of a wharf, brick foundations, two large , tilting concrete blocks and a round brick base of a coal crane on a mini-beach. At the time, it was all that.

Not just 'Sgt. Pepper': Many 1967 musical firsts echo today - The Seattle Times
Side One was the anti-war classic “Alice's Restaurant Massacree,” 18 minutes of deadpan absurdity about Thanksgiving and litter that would become a holiday tradition for the emerging “progressive” FM radio format . In 1967, a 21-year-old ... In Memphis.

Lifestyle magazines in South Florida: glossy, glamorous and growing
At a time when print is supposed to be dying, glossy lifestyle magazines are sprouting up all over South ... Some of the titles that formerly graced magazine racks have gone solely to a digital format or closed altogether. Although the number of magazine.