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How to create low key Rembrandt light portraits in the studio
So much so, that there’s a whole photography ... portrait. With the help of a couple of young ladies, a pomeranian and a chicken, we see how the shot is built up to provide a classic look with a modern twist. I’m a big fan of low key shots on a studio.

The iPhone X camera is like a photo studio in your pocket
The combination of hardware and software in these new machines could better be likened to a movie FX or photography studio in the extent of their capabilities. The standout feature on these new iPhone X camera is Portrait ... to blur the background in.

A piece of Heights moves on with Parsley family closing photo studio
since the digital revolution changed the photography industry so drastically. Their departure of the building their father, Howard Parsley purchased in 1942 and converted to a portrait studio is a sign of changing times for the family. In the early 1940s.

Lensbaby Sweet 80 is a selective-focus lens for portrait photographers
While the Sweet 35 and Sweet 50 provide the same type of effect, Sweet 80 is better suited for portrait photography, with a focal length ... Sweet 80 still achieves very noticeable subject and background separation thanks to the sweet spot effect.

A look into the augmented future of photography
As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, I have a lengthy history in photography ... is “Because they like the look of a blurry background that separates the subject” and you end up with Portrait Mode. Now that Portrait Mode is out of beta and.

"iPhone X and the Rise of Computational Photography"- TDS Podcast 602
But smartphones are embracing computational photography in a very sophisticated ... there is also a portrait mode in the new iPhones, which blurs the background, but the portrait lighting function is new. Portrait lighting works by detecting the face.

Could you help photo detectives track down people in old Irish photos?
Through interactions with online contributors, it was discovered that the Poole Photographic Studio had ... before the digital age. It is a testament to the Library and its staff for always looking for innovative ways to do that. ‘Photo Detectives.

Apple's Portrait Lighting uses AI to color our memories
Its talent for altering a photo's setting and lighting will ... tech from Lytro and others can already defocus the background of a shot after it's taken. Photoshop processing is commonplace for studio work, and photographers have been altering finished.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 is one software that replaces Photo Shop and Lightroom
By selecting the tool and scrubbing certain objects within an image, you’re able to effectively remove these aspects of the photo and, in turn, retain all information contained in the background ... Studio Ultimate 2018. Combined robust performance and.