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Depth Photography Apps and the New iPhones
Apple introduced Portrait ... or studio-like images. Third parties, however, are just beginning to tap in to the depth API to offer intriguing options for image editing. While Infltr simply allows you to filter and edit the foreground and background.

Camera-ready theatre lovers - NOW Magazine
“I can anticipate when that important moment in the dialogue is going to come,” says Racheal McCaig, who brings a background in theatre (she's an award-winning playwright) to creating dynamic shots for Second City (see below), Cirque du Soleil, Ross.

Best Photo Editing Apps 2017: 11 apps to improve your snaps - TrustedReviews
When it comes to mobile photography communities and sharing, Instagram is the heavyweight champion of the mobile app world. It's essentially a camera and photo -editing app that allows you to take photos , apply digital filters and other image.

The Artist Behind Some of the World's Most Famous Images Isn't A Photographer, It's Top Backdrop Painter Sarah ... - Fstoppers
Oliphant Studio has been creating scenic backdrops for photographers , film producers, fashion designers, architects, and interior designers since 1978. Along the way, Oliphant has collaborated with the top level of fashion and editorial portrait.

Tips for photographing the solar eclipse - CNN
39;Ring of Fire' solar eclipse will occur on February 26, how to watch Blasting News.

Premier Portraits Studio offers wide variety of services
Premier Portraits Studio, out of 260 East ... “We offer family portraits, event photography, digital photography, which is the ability to take and print pictures on site,” explained DiCosimo, adding he takes school portrait in over 50 schools from.

Apple's Portrait Lighting uses AI to color our memories - Engadget
Closer Look at Apple's Image Chip and Portrait Lighting in New iPhones The Mac Observer.

The Future Of Photography Is About Computation - Fast Company
Computational photography takes a swarm of data from images or image sensors and combines it algorithmically to produce a photo that would be impossible to capture with film photography or digital photography in its more conventional form. Image data.

This is what each of the lights do on a studio portrait set
The basic studio lighting setup is comprised of 1 to 4 lights. There’s the key light, fill light, rim/hair light and the background light. In Mark’s example, four lights are used, and each of them contributes to the shot in a different way. The key.

On the politics of the image in conservative societies: An interview with Nadia Mounier - Mada Masr
While doing research for the work exhibited in “I Will Defend Myself,” Mounier conducted searches on digital photography archives, surveying the keywords used to search for women's pictures, and observing how the word “woman,” for instance, yielded.

How To Create A Home Photography Studio On A Budget
It’s an easy mistake to shoot against a domestic background ... for a 'studio look'. If you have the budget, you can buy ready-made backing cloths and systems to support them. Do you need a flash meter? These days, not really as with a digital camera.

iPhone X Introduces a Plethora of New Photography Features
Apple has put a huge emphasis on photography in ... and center against a blurred background, while Studio Light adds lighting to your subject’s face. Contour Light boosted shadows and lighting to create a dramatic portrait effect that you might use.

Apple's iPhone 8 Portrait Lighting lets mobile photographers mimic studio effects - TechCrunch

The Ultimate Photographer's Holiday Gift Guide - Resource Magazine
You then connect your phone to the GNARBOX Wifi hotspot, and lastly, after getting the GNARBOX app, the photos will transfer to your phone so you can edit all of your photos , on-the-go, to share with friends and family. The battery ... The biggest.