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Ever wonder what it is that makes Henri Cartier-Bresson's “decisive moment” photos “work”? Photographer Tavis Leaf Glover put out a two-part video series in which he explores Cartier-Bresson's famous photos and shows how they conform to various ideas&nbsp.

Composing Great Photographs Using the Rule of Thirds
How do we know when we have a great composition in a photograph? When we look at great works of art or photographs we've ... This simple rule will help strengthen our photography. Today, the Rule of Thirds grid is included with most cameras as a feature.

Registration Open for Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre and Martial Arts Classes for All Ages at DAC
Martial Arts for all ages 4 & up, the art of Karate ... Digital Photography, ages 9-12, Fridays, 4:40-5:40pm, Sept 29-Jan 26. Learn to use a digital camera or iPod Touch to take great photos with the rule of thirds, filling the frame, negative space.

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A rich banquet of enticing shows awaits art lovers at Sacramento, Davis and San Francisco museums and galleries this fall. Among the offerings are major shows of works by Richard Diebenkorn, Walker Evans, Robert Rauschenberg, Gustav Klimt and August&nbsp.

1 Amazing Secret that will Make your Writing Exciting
In Art and photography — principles of composition, such as the rule of thirds… The principle of three is ingrained in our human psychology and is really very simple. · The first time a person sees something, he merely “sees” it.

Five Tips to Challenge Your Photography Composition - Huffington Post
When it comes to photography , it's easy to fall into a comfort zone and default to the rule of thirds or a few tried-and-true techniques when it comes to how you compose your images. For photographer Melissa Hines, even after several years as a serious&nbsp.

Master the art of Instagram car photography with these 8 tips
It also means composition, so check your basic Rule of Thirds and take it from there. If you’re really starting out from scratch, you can go Google how-to articles on basic photography. With that out of the way, let’s jump into our eight tips for.

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Myron Barnstone on the Golden Section and Dynamic Symmetry - Fstoppers
In the same way photographers use different lenses, filters, and lights to achieve their vision, so too might they learn to use various time-honored, classical techniques in composition . While a ... The late Myron Barnstone was a favorite art teacher.

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AFTER first winning the Talk of the Town ES Young photo competition, Tony Mitchell's photo , Dawn Fishermen, has been chosen as the ultimate winner of the regional photographic competition between Talk of the Town's sister newspapers, The Rep in.

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Have you ever gone to a store or Web site and been confused by the dizzying number of choices for each type of product you are considering? You are not alone. Good marketers know that too many choices confuse buyers and cause buying paralysis.

'Rule of thirds is just a guideline...' - The New Indian Express
He believes that it is an art form that can connect the artiste to the viewer easily. “Apart from documentary values, photography has also evolved to bring complex human thought process into imagery with more ease,” he opines. “There are no rules in.

7 Tips To Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out - Lifehacker Australia
When go to make a new post on Instagram, you'll notice grid lines pop up when you move your photo around. Use them! They can help you center your subject in the middle of the frame, or easily apply the rule of thirds to really get your photo's.

In photo composition, rule of thirds is key - Dawson Creek Mirror
Other compositional principals used in this photo are the rule of thirds , framing of the main subject by the volley ball net, dominance of the central player by having more of her showing in the photo making her appear more imposing and the elevated.