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Why The Golden Ratio Is Better Than The Rule Of Thirds - PetaPixel (blog)
A long time ago I was a young art student, being told about the “ Rule Of Thirds .” I was told it's one of the most important fundamentals of art and photography , as it helps you get the right composition in your images. Overlay a tic-tac-toe/noughts and.

Understanding the importance of photo composition
Understand composition: Before you even take the photo, understand that photography is a work of art. Even portraiture doesn't have ... something for the sake of taking a picture. 5. Rule of Thirds: One way of avoiding centering is adhering to the.

Attention-Grabbing Photography Composition With Leading Lines
When I first started in photography, one of the first techniques ... this was the one rule that continued to make a difference. I knew it was something that would consistently make my photos more interesting. Leading lines composition is typically found.

Season of the Witch: The Enduring Power of Stevie Nicks - The Ringer (blog)
In 1973, a photographer , along with a demanding bandmate, had coerced her to take her top off when shooting the cover of the self-titled Buckingham Nicks album; the incident made her feel uncomfortable, and after that she vowed to assert more control.

How To Achieve Visual Balance In Your Photography
Have you ever looked at a really nice photo and felt that something was just not quite ... Visual balance is often complementary to other compositional techniques, the rule of thirds, golden spiral leading lines and many others all require the image.

Try these smartphone outdoor photography tips to up your insta-game - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Try these smartphone outdoor photography tips to up your insta-game ... Chris Rolinson, assistant professor of photography and photojournalism at Point Park University; Aaron Henderson, assistant professor of photography in the University of Pittsburgh.

6 Camera Tips: Take better photos on Android
We’re here to show you how to get the most out of your Android phone’s camera, regardless of its DxOMark rating, with a few helpful tips ... its overall composition. One of the most basic principles of photography is the “Rule of Thirds,” which.

How to Combine Drawing and Writing into Deeply Personal Art Journals - My Modern Met
An art journal is a visual diary; it combines elements of writing, drawing, painting, collage, and even printmaking to express yourself. This includes your everyday life, as well as your bigger hopes, dreams, and fears. A single page will often fuse.

Spectacle Joins Gravitas at the Met's Monumental Michelangelo Show - Village Voice
Accompanying this early painting in the Met's exhibition are more than 130 of Michelangelo's drawings, three of his sculptures, and myriad works by his teachers, contemporaries, and students, all of which reveal the artist's inborn knack for.

Directing the Viewers Eye: It's More Than Railroad Tracks - Fstoppers
It's easy to throw out the Rule of Thirds because talking about things like balance, rhythm, and focus can get overwhelming but, if you stop at the Rule of Thirds , you could be robbing your images of complexity. As simply as I can state it, ... There.

How to Get Honeymoon Pics You'll Save Forever -
The last thing you might be thinking about in the months leading up to your wedding are honeymoon photos, but consider this: You've spent a year planning your dream wedding, sweated out the stressful final days before the main event, had the most epic&nbsp.

Capture Insta-Worthy Outdoor Photos With These Essential Pro Tips - 7x7
I've created this three-part series for anyone interested in improving their skills as an outdoor photographer . In this first article I will focus on the fundamental rules that allow you to shoot quality photos with any level of camera you feel.

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Myron Barnstone on the Golden Section and Dynamic Symmetry - Fstoppers
In the same way photographers use different lenses, filters, and lights to achieve their vision, so too might they learn to use various time-honored, classical techniques in composition . While a polarizing ... The late Myron Barnstone was a favorite.