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In Art and photography — principles of composition, such as the rule of thirds… The principle of three is ingrained in our human psychology and is really very simple. · The first time a person sees something, he merely “sees” it.

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It also means composition, so check your basic Rule of Thirds and take it from there. If you’re really starting out from scratch, you can go Google how-to articles on basic photography. With that out of the way, let’s jump into our eight tips for.

Composing Great Photographs Using the Rule of Thirds
How do we know when we have a great composition in a photograph? When we look at great works of art or photographs we've ... This simple rule will help strengthen our photography. Today, the Rule of Thirds grid is included with most cameras as a feature.

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The rule of thirds is always a good place to start for composition ... These tips can be applied to portraiture and fashion photography. They are little composition tips, or lighting tips with supporting imagery, so you can see exactly what I mean.

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Develop techniques & originality ... Click! Digital Photography, ages 9-12, Fridays, 4:40-5:40pm, Sept 29-Jan 26. Learn to use a digital camera or iPod Touch to take great photos with the rule of thirds, filling the frame, negative space, color, texture.

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Want to take your cell phone photography to the next level? Check out these useful iPhone photography tips, camera apps and editing software ... Use the grid feature on your phone to follow the rule of thirds, which basically means you should align your.

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Find this Pin and more on Photography ... tips Photography Limb crops: Don't crop at the red lines! Hate pics with feet, hands, fingers cropped off or a pole or tree growing out of a person's head! I must remember photography rules! Where is the Rule of.

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I went on a smartphone photography ... tips show you the hidden potential of your smartphone and really bring your pictures alive. They include simple things like turning on the grid function, so you can position the main subject using the "rule of thirds.

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When you're in a hurry it's easy to forget about composition so you'll put your subject slap bang in the centre of the image. For some shots this will create a strong portrait but try to resist doing it every time and really think about the rule of thirds.

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Give these tips a try ... lines pop up when you move your photo around. Use them! They can help you center your subject in the middle of the frame, or easily apply the rule of thirds to really get your photo’s composition on point.