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Tom Miles, one of the UK's leading exponents of the genre, says the most important creative difference between photographing live sports events and fitness photography is “you can afford to be a bit more conceptual. With live events, there are lots of.

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He made a great move and advanced to the 45, then to midfield, then was clear to the south end zone. He could go ... all ... the ... way! West was not a member of the Cooper Cougars football team, not a breakaway running back such as Tyrees Whitfield.

Leica reimagines a ’70s rangefinder with the new CL mirrorless camera
Leica is giving the classic rangefinder CL camera digital guts. On Tuesday ... Leica says the touchscreen offers functions similar to smartphone photography. Using Wi-Fi, the CL can also connect to a smartphone to transfer photos for sharing or use.

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How to photograph the solar eclipse like a pro Tribune-Review.

9 of the Best Apps to Help You Do Awesome Mobile Phone Photography
I have had clients in my classes with these lower-end compact cameras where the manual modes do not work at all ... that it expands your creativity and can even help with your Digital SLR photography. You can use more than one app to create even more.

Reflex Have Released A Re-Imagining Of Their Classic SLR 35mm Film Camera - ePHOTOzine (press release)
The Reflex 1 is the first newly-designed manual 35mm SLR camera released in over 25 years and it's launched over on Kickstarter today. The Reflex is a modern ... Commenting on the new camera, the Reflex re-imagined team said: "The idea behind Reflex.

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What's the scariest part of Halloween when you're a parent? Forget about teenagers on Hell Night and that creepy house down the street with the hanging shutters, where they never mow the lawn. The thing that chills most parents to the bone is just how.

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While iPhone pics are great in a pinch, couples should give serious thought to their photography plans to get the absolute best honeymoon pics. This could include registering for a top-notch digital camera , or, at the very least, borrowing one from a.

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I'm Back Digital Back Kickstarter For 35mm Film Cameras ePHOTOzine (press release.

6 Camera Tips: Take better photos on Android
In a standard digital camera exposure is adjusted with a combination of aperture ... that you just won’t find in any other app for Android, bringing a manual photo experience unlike any other. With Camera FV-5 you can manually tweak exposure, ISO.

The Leica CL Digital Camera Review 2017. Is this a REAL Mini M?
This video goes over the camera ... photo, your image..and yes, the experience. Add in the large built in EVF, vintage Leica style and controls that are how they should be and you have one hell of a camera that is up there with some of Leica’s best ever.

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The Shootout Backpack can hold two digital SLR camera bodies, 4-6 lenses, plus accessories. It's billed as the most comfortable and lightweight camera ... The photography is exquisite. And she included 150 straightforward recipes interspersed with.

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Drone photography has grown in popularity over the past few years. Aside from providing photography enthusiasts with the option of taking photos from extraordinary vantage points, drone photography offers more versatility for professional use.

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One of the top features, according to OnePlus, is the dual-lens camera , and we're about to run through some OnePlus 5 camera tips that show it's definitely one of the reasons you should buy this phone. If you've ... When the OnePlus 5 takes a photo in.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse -
Before attempting to do that, though, make sure you know and understand the stages that lead up to that phase, says Artur Pietruch, who handles the digital camera testing in our labs. ... Turn on the manual focus instead, and set it to infinity. Now.