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How to Get the Perfect Eclipse Shot Using Your Smartphone - WIRED
“But trying to use them for astronomical photography is a very difficult thing to do. They're not designed for that.” The resolution of your ... They feature a longer focal length, so you'll see more of the moon's details without resorting to a digital.

Polaroid's OneStep2 Is a Vintage Camera for the Digital Age
When Polaroid released the OneStep camera in 1977 ... which had a manual focus and used an app to create Instagram-like filters. The I-1 aimed to reinvent instant photography for the iPhone age, but mastering the manual settings and phone-connected.

8 Best Xiaomi Mi A1 Camera Tips and Tricks
Another smart and nifty feature of the Xiaomi Mi A1 camera is the manual saturation control ... If you are fluent with photography verses, you might be aware that the Frame average setting would lend a balanced exposure to the whole shot while the Spot.

DJI's Aerial Academy: Students Speak Out - The Digital Circuit (blog)
The course offers both photography tips and post-processing tutorials, giving attendees a chance to both learn and strengthen skills. The instructors also include some great information on Part 107, the FAA regulation governing commercial drone flight.

Filmmaking Meets Photography: Extracting Stills from 4K+ Footage
Working from a single camera ... a digital age. Professional studios will often need to consider still images and video simultaneously, shooting in 4k to get the best out of each medium. Tools like Kyno are the missing link, needed to bring photo and.

Tips for photographing the total solar eclipse - The Verge
How to photograph the solar eclipse like a pro Tribune-Review.

6 of the best travel cameras you can buy now
You can shoot a photo and the camera will automatically duplicate the ... Low-light shooting tests in manual mode weren't that impressive with lots of digital noise at ISO 3200, 1/25, f 3.5. The Sony's Superior Auto mode does noticeably better, capturing.

Top 10 Macro Photography Tips - Adorama
To achieve true macro photography , there is a wide range of macro lenses available for select digital cameras (mostly DSLRs) that are optimized for achieving as much as 10x magnification for professional macro images. But even with the right gear, pro&nbsp.

Polaroid: The Missing Manual - PhotographyBLOG (blog)
Part 1 is comprehensive, detailing everything from the very earliest Polaroid cameras of the 1940s through to the very latest developments, including newer Fuji Instax formats, to analogue/ digital hybrids such as Impossible's I-1 camera and Instant Lab.

Tips for photographing the Great American solar eclipse - FOX31 Denver
How to photograph and video the USA's total solar eclipse on August 21 TechRadar.

A Year with the Leica M10 – A Field Report and Re-Review of a Modern Digital Classic
Its small, incremental updates developed for the camera, add up to make the evolution of the digital rangefinder revolutionary ... making the M10 a near perfect tool for manual photography. • Improved sensor performance. The Leica M10’s sensor performs.

How to Photograph a Total Solar Eclipse - Popular Mechanics
For this tricky shot, I recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera paired with a telephoto lens and a 2x extender or telescope. You can also get good results with a point-and-shoot camera attached to a spotting scope or a digital camera with a long zoom.

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NASA - Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug 21 NASA Eclipse 2017.

A starter guide to taking the best photos with the Galaxy S8 - The Verge
The Samsung Galaxy S8 hits store shelves today, and in our short time with the new smartphone it's become clear that the it's one of the best for mobile photographers . It combines really fast autofocus, great low light performance, and improved image&nbsp.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S Pen hands-on images leaked TechShout.