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Bite Size Tips: 3 Lighting Conditions Where You NEED To Get A Camera And Shoot
Leonard Misonne The quote above, about light, cannot be laid out more effectively another way. Without light, there is no photography and while you can shoot under any lighting conditions, there are certain conditions where you would just want to grab your.

Bad weather photography: Getting the perfect landscape shots
It governs the two most important features of landscape – notably, lighting and mood. As we slip into winter ... Viewed positively, each offers fabulous opportunities for exciting landscape photography. From a technical standpoint, shooting under.

Three techniques to create dramatic black & white images
Blake, along with his friend Jim Welninski, from whom he learned some of these techniques believe that there’s only ... full green or full yellow is brighter than full blue or red. So, light colours stay light, dark colours stay dark.

Easy Natural Light Portrait Photography Tips
As we all know, the best natural light of the day occurs during ... Still haven't uncovered all the tools, tips & tricks you need to take the stunning portrait shots you want? Enroll in our Portrait Photography Mastery Course and join the photographers.

Simple Lighting Tips for Product Photography
If you’re shooting small products in a studio environment, it pays for your lighting to be simple. A beauty dish, for example, is an ideal lighting tool. When lighting a face, a beauty dish is generally considered to be a source of hard light.

Landscape drone photography tips and tricks
In the video below, Danson discusses settings specific to the DJI Mavic while also offering more general tips for drone photography, including discussions about light and composition, which can be much different when using a drone than when shooting from.

Photography: Working Low Light
Through this series I will try to offer some advice and specific techniques that may garner you more "Oohs ... One of the first things to know is that there are very few concrete rules in photography. Mistakes made with a digital camera are a click or.

8 Thanksgiving Photography Tips For Capturing Authentic Holiday Moments
But add in a crowd, indoor lighting and eating entirely too much turkey, and Thanksgiving photography isn’t exactly simple, point-and-shoot photography. To make the most of the holiday, we’ve put together eight Thanksgiving photography tips to capture.

Peter Hurley Photography Tutorials Discounted More Than Ever
To really master photography you must understand and master lighting your subject. In "Illuminating the Face" Peter teaches a variety of lighting techniques and shows what is possible with just about every lighting modifier on the market. Save $100 this.

5 Tips for How to Photograph in Any Kind of Weather
Now if you are primarily an outdoor natural light photographer ... laid plans for photography excursions and photoshoots. One of the best things you can do is to be prepared to photograph in any kind of weather. With these few simple tips and prep-work.