Photography lighting techniques tutorials

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Up close and personal: macro photography tips
First, you can get as close to it as possible. This usually gives you the best quality photo, as it allows you to capture the most light. More light leads to the best image quality, and your fast shutter speed is going to freeze any action. However.

Ultimate Guide to Posing: Free Lesson Excerpt from Joey Wright's Swimwear Tutorial Plus $50 OFF - Fstoppers
Last year, the Fstoppers team joined Joey Wright in Curacao to film one of our best tutorials to date, Swimwear Photography - Lighting , Posing, and Retouching. Not only was the location and team incredible, Joey's photography techniques and ability to.

Broncolor's Free 'How To' Section is a Lighting Tutorial Gold Mine - PetaPixel (blog)
There, you'll find nearly 100 pro lighting examples—beautiful photos, each accompanied by a gear list, description, and lighting diagram. It's a tutorial gold mine. The page consists of 98 (by our count) photographs, each broken down by the.

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light
Portrait Tips come out each week, and you can see them all ... Save Now! Illuminati Wireless Light & Color Meter for Photo & Video – Bring your images into the Light! The Illuminati meter is a wireless, smartphone-connected light and color ambient.

Lessons on properly lighting dark-skinned actors from “Insecure” director of photography Ava Berkofsky
Simply, where I live, most of the people are the Caucasian type, so I never gave it a thought what it would take to light a model with dark skin. Therefore, I found these tips from Ava Berkofsky really interesting. Of course, they’ll also be useful for.

10 Tutorials for Product Photography - Practical Ecommerce
Secrets for Unique Product Photography From 4 Professionals. This tutorial is from interviews with four professional photographers , sharing their secrets for taking unique product photographs. Each has original advice on lighting , equipment, and.

5 Simple Tips for Shooting Better Interior Photography - PetaPixel (blog)
The lighting tips in the video are more specific to Mango Street's own style. They shoot natural ... Check out the video up top to elaborate on each tip, and then head over to the Mango Street Lab YouTube channel for more tutorials and tips videos like.

Shutter Release: 3 videos about lighting techniques, dramatic black and white images and more
In our regular roundup feature, Shutter Release, we share and summarize interesting photography content we see from around the web. It could be video tutorials about Photoshop ... Release kicks off with a pair of lighting videos from two regularly-featured.

4 Lighting Principles I Wish I'd Known When I Started Photography - PetaPixel (blog)
When I first started photography , I struggled a lot with lighting . In the beginning, we're often told to shoot our subjects in open shade, but if you don't know how to do this properly the results can be disastrous: faces with dark shadows, eyes with.

How Simple Lighting Techniques Can Dramatically Enhance Your Photography - Fstoppers
It doesn't matter if you shoot weddings, portraits , or work in the commercial world. With the smallest about of kit and a little bit of knowledge you really can dramatically improve the quality of your images. The guys over at Westcott have produced a.

Master photography with Adobe's all-inclusive training bundle - Engadget
Engadget is teaming up with StackCommerce to bring you deals on the latest gadgets, tech toys, apps, and tutorials . This post does not constitute editorial endorsement, and we earn a portion of all sales. If you have any questions about the products.

Easily Create a Product Shot Using Composites - Fstoppers
Shooting in a studio environment allows the photographer full control over the lighting and the subject. It also allows for full creative freedom over what you can composite into the shot if needed by easily matching up the lighting . Earlier this week.

The Value of Video for Your Business - Fstoppers
Watch YouTube tutorials on camera movements and practice making your shots looks more like what you see on large ads. Finally, assist on larger jobs and see how they shoot . Take note of lighting techniques , key personnel, and execution. I learned a ton&nbsp.

Bite Size Tips: Techniques And Tips For Low Light Photography
For many, night photography can be intimidating. The medium itself is dependent on light reaching the camera’s sensor, so venturing out into the darkness presents a slew of technical issues to overcome. Thankfully, it’s possible to overcome these.

Apple Just Leaked iOS 11 and Looks Like We're Getting an 'iPhone X' - Gizmodo
The new mode could involve tweaks to the camera's flash while shooting to provide better lighting scenarios for photographers . There's also evidence ... at the camera. 9to5Mac posted what appeared to be part of a cute tutorial video for the new software.