Photography Lighting Techniques Tutorials

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Peter Hurley Photography Tutorials Discounted More Than Ever
Peter Hurley was the first photographer to work with Lee Morris and Patrick Hall on an Fstoppers Tutorial. In "The Art Behind ... To really master photography you must understand and master lighting your subject. In "Illuminating the Face" Peter teaches.

How Laura James Captures 360˚ Video Underwater - PDN Online
She regularly shares her experiments on her website (, on social media and on forums for underwater photographers and 360-video creators. Her goal is to encourage both filmmakers and ... Recently she's tested a third technique that uses a.

Photoshop tutorial: Create realistic lens flares - Digital Arts Online
Which is a shame, since in the right situation, it can provide a powerful lighting enhancement to a piece. See also: 86 Best ... Luckily, Fabio Sasso has provided us with a tutorial that shows you that if you have a strong idea and unique execution, it.

Easy Natural Light Portrait Photography Tips
As we all know, the best natural light of the day occurs during Golden Hour. The warm, golden tones of the light are nice and soft, illuminating the subject with beautiful light that has great depth, but without harsh shadows. Another great time to take an.

8 Thanksgiving Photography Tips For Capturing Authentic Holiday Moments
But add in a crowd, indoor lighting and eating entirely too much turkey, and Thanksgiving photography isn’t exactly simple, point-and-shoot photography. To make the most of the holiday, we’ve put together eight Thanksgiving photography tips to capture.

Lighting Tips: How to Shoot Killer Product Photography at Home - PetaPixel (blog)
So in case this DIY lightbox wasn't good enough, and 360° product photography isn't your thing, here's a great tutorial that will show you how to capture killer reflective product shots on a sea of black. .... Tom, thanks for providing a concise.

A Review of Philip Bloom's Cinematic Masterclass - Fstoppers
For Apple users, macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) includes H.265 video support on newer Macs. MZed offers a number of classes on filmmaking and photography that are worth exploring, though "Philip Bloom's Cinematic Masterclass" seems to be the only&nbsp.

Bite Size Tips: 3 Lighting Conditions Where You NEED To Get A Camera And Shoot
Leonard Misonne The quote above, about light, cannot be laid out more effectively another way. Without light, there is no photography and while you can shoot under any lighting conditions, there are certain conditions where you would just want to grab your.

Best Free and Affordable Online Photoshop Tutorials for Photographers - My Modern Met
Spread across 33 video lessons, the free Photoshop tutorial takes you through the basics. Moving from an introduction to resolution and files sizes to mastering essential functions like the pen tool and color adjustments, the course ends with a lesson.

Making Unique Pictures in a Location That You Have Shot Many Times - Fstoppers
But to capture it perfectly, you need to play with the techniques effectively. Search for a new way to express what you see. If you did a ... For a photographer to stay inspired, it is not just about following other photographer's works, watching photo.

15 Top Photography Blogs to Elevate Your Craft and Inspire Your Work - My Modern Met
After looking at the best art blogs to get your creative juices flowing, we turn to photography . And while there's no shortage of photography websites these days, which are the top contenders when it comes to inspiring creativity, keeping you in the.

How to Shoot a Music Video - Adorama
Camera Operator – For professional quality output, you may want to look for a good cinematographer. You can always shoot the video yourself, but it helps to assign the task to another person who can focus on achieving the desired shots. Lighting.

How to Improve Your Documentary Photography - Fstoppers
When I find a free day, there is nothing that I enjoy more than walking out with my camera to document someone else's life. However, unlike the plethora of studio lighting tutorials available, there seems to be a real lack of articles on documentary.

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips
This is a flare light photo and I chose this photo because it captures the flare of the sunlight onto the object it is reflecting on. Simple Camera Tips Series: Shutter Speed explained! (Bubbly Nature Creations) - Collecting up my prior pins here for re.

How to Build and Use DIY Strip Light Modifiers for Speedlights - PetaPixel (blog)
I've only been following PetaPixel a few months, and have mostly enjoyed (and in some cases been inspired by) the articles and tutorials . This single post, however, has cast a pretty dark shadow of doubt on the credibility of this whole site. I mean.