Photography strobe lighting techniques in photography

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Beginner Food Photography Tips | How To Take Great Food Shots With Minimal Gear
While it’s great to have strobes on hand to fully control your light ... from that which is already right there in front of you. [REWIND:] FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR WHEN THE LIGHTING IS UNDESIRABLE For this shoot, we’ve used window light and modified.

Should Your Next Light Be an LED or a Strobe?
For anyone beginning to delve into the art of using off camera lighting, it can be a bit daunting to decide where to start in acquiring new lighting equipment. Here is a great guide to the pros and cons of LED and strobe lighting so that you’ll be able.

"iPhone X and the Rise of Computational Photography"- TDS Podcast 602
It uses a microprocessor to evaluate light and ... computational photography: The theory was that software algorithms could do more than dutifully process photos, but actually make photos better in the process. "The output of these techniques is an.

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light
High Dynamic Range photography techniques usually increase the ability to ... The Illuminati meter is a wireless, smartphone-connected light and color ambient and strobe meter for photography and filmmaking. Head over to their Indiegogo page to get one.

Continuous LEDs vs strobes: which is the best solution for studio photography?
If you’re new to studio portraits, there’s just so much to learn about the light. Also, you have a choice between strobes/speedlights and continuous ... But, if you’re new to portrait photography, constant LED lights could be the way to go.

A Breakdown of Lighting Options Available for Photo and Video
A month or two ago, I wrote an article about the fundamentals of lighting and discussed core lighting techniques used for both ... which is a camera shutter issue, not strobe issue). This means when it comes to photography, the light power potential.

Shutter Release: 3 videos about lighting techniques, dramatic black and white images and more
His latest video is all about how to sync your strobes and your camera. He covers three methods in the video below. Andrew Boey of Beyond Photography shows you how to use lighting to turn a white backdrop into a black background. It has to do with light.

8 Tips for Underwater Photography
Photography ... common tips given to underwater photographers is to get as close to the subject as possible. Distance is hard to judge when looking through the camera underwater. What might seem close may not be so close after all. Because light has.

Profoto A1 is a high-end studio light for the top of your camera
The light can ... of other Profoto strobes, simple manual control, and easy-to-use modifiers, the A1 probably makes a lot of sense for the right user. If you’re looking for a much more affordable solution to improve your flash photography, you might.

Up close and personal: macro photography tips
Make sure to take lots of photos to increase your chance of getting that fabulous in-focus shot. Macro photography is frequently done where lighting is dim, so a flash can help. If you do use a flash, consider putting a reflector just off-scene to reflect.