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A Complete Guide to a Popular Children's Portraiture Retouching Look - Fstoppers
Retouching tutorials often overdo it, and I normally end up using their techniques at half-strength in my own work. Unmesh has a deep understanding of Photoshop and not only how to do techniques , but why they do what they do; that's why you often see.

Nostalgic Landscapes Captured in Jars Using an In-Camera Double Exposure Technique - My Modern Met
Double exposure photography can be created in a variety of ways. Today, it's most commonly done with Photoshop , but there are other (less hi-tech) ways to combine two images. Relander prefers to work with an analog approach and produce all of his&nbsp.

How to easily create fuller eyebrows in Photoshop
For the past couple of years, full and well-shaped eyebrows are a beauty trend, and Aaron Nace from Phlearn will teach you how to make them look just like that in Photoshop. Aaron’s tutorial consists ... eyebrow hair in the photo. It takes some trial.

This AI Turns Unrecognizable Pixelated Photos Into Crystal-Clear Images - Co.Design (blog)
Remember all the times you snickered when some TV character zoomed in on a photo and said “Enhance!” turning a blurred mess into a highly detailed, razor-sharp image? Now there's a system–an artificial intelligence-powered image-scaling program&nbsp.

Master digital image editing with this Photoshop mastery package — now under $30 - TNW
You'll learn how to add impressive sunlight effects (Master Photoshop Light Effects & Style Your Images), style an image to look like a 19th century painting (Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC), craft pictures with Hollywood style tinting.

How to Add Text to Any Object Using Photoshop - Fstoppers
How to Add Text to Any Object Using Photoshop ... Sometimes, a photo needs a little text to really complete the message or the look, but slapping it on without trying to blend it in just makes it look like a terrible watermark. This fun tutorial will.

How to Photograph Water Splashes - Adorama
This photography technique involves great timing—and sometimes a bit of luck—to achieve, but it is well worth the effort as it helps you practice and improve your photography skills while allowing you to have a lot of fun in the process.

80 Best Photoshop tutorials from 2017
In this Photoshop tutorial, we will transform a regular photo into a jigsaw puzzle ... You can create beautiful fantasy fairy effects in Photoshop using these simple tips. 32. How to Create a ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop.

Making 150-Megapixel Photographs on a 10-Year-Old Camera - Fstoppers
From here click on "Browse" and find the pictures to be used and load them into Photomerge. You have a few options to pick from regarding how you want Photoshop to correct your images. "Vignette Removal" is a handy one to use although most of the time.

These Colorado 'spirit photos' from the 1800s will freak you out -
Of course, other photographers began using the technique to tell people they were actually taking photos of lost loved ones, something that proved to be a fraud. Nevertheless, these spirit photos are creepier than almost anything Photoshop can do – as&nbsp.

How to create and add realistic-looking snow to your photos in Photoshop - imaging resource
Jesús Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel has a new video tutorial teaching us how to add snow to photos using one of two techniques . The first ... If you'd like tips for shooting photos of real snow, check out our own tips piece written by Nick.

Inverting Your Photo in Photoshop for Natural Color Correction - PetaPixel (blog)
There are plenty of ways you can color correct an image, but here's a technique you might not have learned before. this technique from In this 6-minute tutorial by f64 Academy, learn how inverting the colors in your photos can help you effectively.

Our Rich History: Here are some simple archivist techniques to preserve family documents, photos - User-generated content (press release)
For those who are expert in using Photoshop software, color further allows the use of filters that reveal details and information otherwise hidden in a greyscale scan. When scanning flat paper or photographs , ensure the original fits completely on the.

Urza's Dream Engine & The RoboRosewater RoboDraft: Creating a machine learning algorithm to illustrate Magic cards - Gamasutra (blog)
People get their PhDs creating and working with these techniques . I'm a .... In order to make the images a bit more human-readable, I used a few Photoshop actions that I could run as a batch. .... A photographer , Lippe, took some lovely pictures of the.

Five Very Useful Photoshop Tricks You Might Not Have Known - Fstoppers
Photoshop is tremendously complex and nuanced, and there are always techniques or entirely new features to be discovered. This helpful video will give you five lesser known tricks to add to your arsenal. Coming to you from Jesús Ramirez of the.