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iPhone X or dSLR: Which do you like more? - CNET
On a standalone camera, shooting with a wide aperture will generally create bokeh -- the out-of-focus areas in a photo beyond the depth of field. The size of the sensor and the type of lens are other important components that play into how bokeh is.

The A to Z of Photography: ISO - TechRadar
The ISO setting on your camera controls the sensor's sensitivity to light. It's a third exposure control, alongside shutter speed and lens aperture, and together these make up what's called the 'exposure triangle'. Much of the time you'll just adjust.

At Framingham State, photo exhibit on work and family spotlights shared humanity - MetroWest Daily News
A digital photography exhibit that debuted this week in the Mazmanian Art Gallery at Framingham State University wills viewers to consider those questions, with a rotation of images that depict the conflicts and joys of balancing work and family.

“The feeling for light” – Paolo Roversi on photography - British Journal of Photography
“The first time my American agent came here, she said 'I can't believe you do all these pictures in this little room',” laughs Paolo Roversi as he looks around the modest space he's used as his studio for more than three decades. The Italian remains.

The Twilight of the Analog Photo Booth - Atlas Obscura
But two technological developments spelled doom for the old chemical booths. First, the advent of Polaroid photography , which made immediate photo gratification easier and more flexible. Next, in the 1990s, came lightweight digital color photo booths.

3 Simple Photography Tips for Parents – How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids
One of the most frequently asked questions I receive as a writer here at Digital Photography School is, “How do I take better pictures of my kids?”. There’s just something about becoming a parent that helps you understand exactly how fleeting.

Five young photographers who are reinventing Polaroid - Interview
To celebrate the launch of Polaroid's OneStep 2 camera, the brand's first analog instant camera since 2003, photographer Ryan McGinley trained his eye on five talented young artists, giving them the chance to shoot images on the new camera and have.

Army Digital Photography Contest 2017 nears, cash prizes
People: Photos where a person is the main focus ... To learn more about the 2017 Army Digital Photography Contest visit:

Aluratek 18.5 inch Digital Photo Frame with 4GB Built-in Memory
Combined with an easy-to-use interface, wide format support, and the simplicity of automatic playback, Aluratek digital photo frames are the best choice for storage and playback of your important memories. View hi-resolution pictures, listen to music and.

How Wim Wenders put the snap back into Polaroids - BBC News
Wenders thinks digital photography is now so problem-free and so cheap that a lot of the creativity has gone. "It's so easy for a professional photographer to take hundreds or even thousands of pictures of a particular face or of a scene and of course.

Paolo Roversi Talks Rihanna, Rei Kawakubo, and His Favorite Models on the Eve of His Milan Exhibition, “Storie” -
Opening to the public on November 16, the show is the crown jewel of the Vogue Photo Festival, four days of panels, lectures, and exhibitions spread across town and spearheaded by Italian Vogue's senior photo editor, Alessia Glaviano, who is also the.