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Ohio Dreams neighbor complains of noise, but owner points out improvements - Mansfield News Journal
BUTLER - A neighbor of Ohio Dreams says loud music from last weekend's EST Fest was just as bad as it was last year, while the camp's owner points to efforts that substantially improved crowd control, litter and traffic issues. Carol McClung, 70, who.

How to Wake Up in Your Dreams
Get ready, oneironauts—we’re about to take off the training wheels. Welcome to Week Three of Lifehacker’s Lucid Dream Workshop. Lucid dreams can be more than escapist fantasy, but in order to reap the benefits of your… To increase the likelihood of.

Prince Charles photo frees writer from pre-digital burden of proof - The Australian
Prince Charles photo frees writer from pre - digital burden of proof. See, it did happen: Susan Kurosawa meets .... The Australian Jason Gagliardi. The Russian film The Bolshoi brings back the dreams of an aspiring dancer whose career was cut short by.

Windows Mixed Reality details new Samsung headset, pre-orders go live - Digital Trends
The era of Windows Mixed Reality begins October 17 - Windows Experience BlogWindows Experience Blog Windows Blog.

Ann Arbor District Library's Fifth Avenue Press turns local authors' dreams into printed realities
Proofreading, formatting, layout, format conversion, design, and cover art are also provided, in exchange for permanent digital distribution ... Moon features nature photography paired with lyrical verse. "I took some pre-orders to get a feel for how.

Iowa insurance market collapse could ground young entrepreneurs' dreams, early retirees' plans -
RED OAK, Ia. — The turmoil in Iowa's health-insurance market is threatening to suffocate Joey Norris' budding small-town business. Norris, 27, is the picture of an American entrepreneur. He and two other young engineers founded a firm, Dream Forge, in.

Polly Fox students share dreams in portraits - Toledo Blade
Sataralyn Harris, 18, posed with her sign reading “ pre -school teacher.” “I've wanted to do that since I was about 8,” she said, recalling that she used to play school growing up with her sister. Sataralyn said she sees the Head Full of Dreams.

Polaroid is Teasing a Huge Return to Its Instant Photo Roots - PetaPixel (blog)
It definitely sounds like Polaroid is planning to unveil some next-level Instant film technology. Instant photography fans may see “analog dreams ” fulfilled with “the most complex set of man-made chemical reactions ever.” The teaser about the 3-year.

Getting Ready: Digital Transformation for Credit Unions
We’ve seen well-known companies in the movie rental, photography, and retail industries disappear ... Credit unions are facing a big opportunity: to be bold enough to get into the digital game and embrace digital transformation to endure the long-term.

Pump-Up Playlist: Pregame music drives local football players to success - Mansfield News Journal
“We normally listen to Meek Mill's ' Dreams and Nightmares,'” Mansfield Senior wide receiver Jornell Manns said. “We've been listening to that song since I've been here in high school, so it's kind of sticking around.” And sometimes the songs change.