Project Titles For Digital Photography

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Sean Baker Ditches iPhone For 'Florida Project '; Rooney Mara's Controversial 'Una' – Specialty Box Office Preview Deadline.

'Mountain Ranch' - The Daily Planet
As his camera clicked — Crouser eschews digital photography and uses a Pentax 67 or a Nikon F4 — “I was also learning about and exposing myself. My mother came from a family of farmers in Wisconsin. I felt that kind of life was in me somewhere.

These Professional Photographers Are Still Shooting Film. Here's Why - TIME
But for Magnum photographer Larry Towell, his best results come when shooting both film and digital simultaneously. For his recent project at Standing Rock he only shot black-and-white images but used a Sony Alpha a7R II and a Hasselblad XPan at the&nbsp.

'Truth' or dare: DMA exhibit of 24 video works is a purposeful sensory overload - Dallas News
And those ambitions are announced in a title so sweeping -- "Truth: 24 Frames Per Second" -- that we would not feel guilty if we expected more of the exhibition than it could possibly deliver. The exhibition started ... The lists he made were done by.

Columbia Settles With Student Cast as a Rapist in Mattress Art Project - New York Times
It was a performance art piece that became famous: A woman who felt that Columbia University had mishandled her charge of rape against a fellow student turned that anger into her senior arts thesis, a yearlong project in which she carried a 50-pound.

Farewell photography? Contemporary photographers ponder a digital future - Deutsche Welle
The topic this year is "Farewell Photography." The show exhibits the works of ... "Interestingly, many artists who are concerned with digital photography think less about manipulation possibilities and more about the circulation of photos," says Ebner.

Photo Salon in SF Turns Phone Photos Into Fine Art Prints in 30 Minutes - PetaPixel (blog)
The staff consists of experienced professional fine art printers who will guide you through the entire process of turning your digital photos into high-quality prints. Neomodern is “reviving the old tradition of the 'printmaster',” Rubin says. After.

COATES: Grateful for our readers – and their help
I’m also thankful for all our print and digital readers. Needless to say ... Now we’re seeking to showcase our Decatur-area residents in another special project – and I’m hoping you can help me. We’ll be publishing reader-submitted winter.

6 tips for finding the perfect photo for your project
Shutterstock is known for its diverse range of professional photography, but its library of illustrations, vectors and videos could also be striking options for your next project ... geometric digital art. You can browse the illustration library at.

'Florida Project' Turns A Decrepit Corner Of Orlando Into A Cinematic Playground - NPR
The Florida Project takes its title from the Disney organization's in-house name for Disney World when it was still just a stack of blueprints on Uncle Walt's desk in California. But there's an unspoken irony in calling the film The Florida Project.

Heroin addiction: Why we took on this 7-day project -
The scourge of heroin addiction has been a topic of news coverage in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and the Midwest for years. As our region has suffered more and more, and as the toll of overdose has grown, the epidemic has attracted a huge amount of&nbsp.

"Back into the Unfriendly Skies"- Photography Podcast 609
This week I want to walk you through the steps that I used to find and download some aerial footage that I needed for a project using my Storyblocks ... Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.2 PRO lens ($1,199.00) Will be available in late Nov. 90mm (35mm.

Objects are people too: the quirky world of facial pareidolia – in pictures - The Guardian
“In January 2014, I published the project on Tumblr, just for personal amusement. I set myself some parameters to make it more interesting. The guiding principle was 'nothing deliberate', which meant I would not include anything set up or anything I.

The Best Camera Lineup for Your Photography Projects - Fstoppers
Pay attention to the metering mode set on both cameras. I tend to use spot metering and manual exposure but it's certainly a preference. Don't forget to charge your film cameras regularly. My digital cameras get far more use and are charged after each.

IDFA DocLab's Caspar Sonnen: 'We Can No Longer Just Blame Technology For Everything' - Variety
It's an amazing medium but it kind of sucks a lot of attention away from projects that might be just as interesting but are in a different format: a project on an iPad, or a 3D printed sculpture just doesn't have the same attention-sucking power in an.