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KVM virtual disks: Files or raw devices? - TechTarget
Three reasons to use a raw storage device. When creating KVM VMs, many admins choose to use the Logical Volume Manager ( LVM ) as the storage back-end. This logical volume manager adds some good features that you may like.

Getting a clear picture on KVM snapshot basics - TechTarget
The purpose of LVM snapshots is to easily revert the state of files on a logical volume to a previous version. LVM volumes are created from a volume group, which represents the total amount of available storage. Before creating an LVM snapshot, you.

DJANGO UNCHAINED: Don't let 'preview' apps put you off Fedora 20 - Register
Among the notable new features are support for LVM provisioning in Fedora's Anaconda installer, better support for ARM emulation on x86 hosts - including a fix for known qemu bugs - and support for using SSDs to cache. The later is experimental, but.

Creating a cluster with shared storage in Proxmox - TechTarget
We've already discussed how to create a basic Proxmox host in a previous article, so refer to that article in order to get a second host up and running. Unfortunately, most Proxmox cluster configurations require a Secure Shell (SSH) terminal. Log in to.

OpenStack storage options are not the only ones available -
He says tech-savvy companies are even creating their own distributed storage by taking server disk and exposing it using LVM in Linux. They then create a storage pool under the hypervisor and share that across VMs. In effect, it is storage.

Flexi-Plexistor's software-defined memory roadmap - The Register
The open source software runs on Linux ( Red Hat , CentOS and Ubuntu) and converges memory, meaning DRAM or NVDIMM-N, and flash storage according to Plexistor, providing a single, unified memory address space. DRAM and NVDIMM-N provide a tier 1 with SSD.

Upcoming Features of Fedora 24 Linux, the Alpha Build Arrives on March 1, 2016 - Softpedia News
our readers with unnecessary articles that give them only partial information about what's to come in Fedora 24, so this one should provide you with all the details you'll need to know about the upcoming Linux kernel-based operating system from Red.

A new troubleshooting and management process with GRUB2 bootloader - TechTarget
The last release of every major Linux distribution uses it, so it's only a matter of time before GRUB2 becomes the default bootloader on enterprise Linux distributions such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In GRUB2, almost&nbsp.

logical volume management (LVM) - TechTarget
Logical volume management ( LVM ) is a form of storage virtualization that offers system administrators a more flexible approach to managing disk storage space than traditional partitioning. This type of virtualization tool is located within the device.

File system snapshots with LVM
For this issue we cover the Linux.Ars visit to the OhioLinux fest, LVM snapshotting with XFS for hot backups ... SELinux on Fedora" where Colin Walters from Red Hat gave an introduction into SELinux and how Fedora Core 3 will utilize this very interesting.