Ricoh Gr Digital Iii Street Photography Images

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Hawaii, 2016 #cindyproject (shot in “cross-processed” JPEG mode on Ricoh GR II , straight out-of-camera) Same photo as above, but processed as RAW with “VSCO Kodak Portra 800 HC” preset. I personally prefer the JPEG image in the beginning of the post&nbsp.

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Later on, I switched to Canon (1D Mark III & 5D Mark II ), and last year, I bought a Nikon D810 because of its wide dynamic range and higher megapixel count. I buy and ... Some say that you should cover yourself and your camera for street photography.

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And I can attest: It is not only much more pleasant to shoot in the rain when you are under an umbrella, you get better images as well. Being protected allows for more calmness and ... I recently wrote why I think the Ricoh GR is the best camera for.

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Street photographer Eric Kim has shot raw images for much of his life. There are many benefits to shooting in raw format, he acknowledges, yet recently he's been finding himself leaning more towards shooting JPEG. Why? He has eight reasons for this.

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And additional complexity like white balance becomes easier to deal with thanks to digital cameras offering RAW files that give photographers more flexibility to adjust the look afterward. But the following are some of ... been dominated by color work.

Ricoh GR Digital IV review
This is a camera for people who need a photography tool rather than a ... autofocus performance that's twice as fast as the Ricoh GR Digital III's. Sensor-shift stabilisation and a new GR ENGINE IV image processor promise enhanced image quality, while.

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For example, I've been shooting exclusively with a Ricoh GR II digital camera the last few months, and even though it cost me only $600, it has brought me as much pleasure as a $7,000 camera. In my personal life, I've also found that a $2 hamburger.

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Many of us started photography quite innocently— with small compact point-and-shoots, a smartphone, or a disposable film camera. The main advantage was that we didn't need to think about all the technical settings when we made images —rather, we&nbsp.

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This growth could be attributed to step-up users who are upgrading from smartphones and low-end point-and-shoot cameras in an effort to improve their photography ... s $3,300 RX1R II is out of reach, Ricoh’s GR II could be considered the runner-up.

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I shot most of the shoot with Bil's Pentax 645z (biga** medium-format digital camera, with a flash on top), and some on my Ricoh GR II . ... In terms of technical settings, I found out that a lot of my photos were under-exposed (especially when shooting.

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It's a genre of photography usually done candidly without permission and without your subject's knowledge. However, street photography doesn't rule out staged pictures . You may spot an interesting character that catches your vision; you can wander up.