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Men are taking over the grocery aisles
Photo: Antoine K/flickr) In fact ... Man-friendly marketing While men may be roaming grocery store aisles more, they don't shop the same as women. For one thing, guys aren't into meal-planning as much. They're more short-term shoppers, buying on impulse.

Why I ordered an iPhone 8 Plus instead of the iPhone X
Also, Apple sells the 8 Plus SIM-free, which means I can take it to the carrier of my choice or travel internationally and rent a SIM card for a week instead of paying high roaming fees. I don't see that option for the iPhone X just yet, which means that.

The Tragic Romantic Couple Who Invented War Photography
those pre-digital times!), taking pictures of real people and real faces during wartime. They’re creating, in the authors’ words, “a photography of compassion.” They work separately and together. (One page shows both Capa’s and Taro’s shots of.

iOS 11 release date and features: Apple releases iOS 11 today with a cookie-blocking feature
They have called for Apple “to rethink its plan to … risk disrupting the valuable digital advertising ecosystem that funds ... which it emerged at the end of last week will not support international roaming. Customers found out about the Apple 4K.

‘Hot single female seeks sexy lineman’: Florida woman gets creative to get power back
Then the 37-year-old single mom of one went on Facebook on Sunday and posted a photo of her standing next to the sign ... funny signs to try to grab the attention of linemen who are roaming Florida restoring power to millions in the aftermath of the.

Go go gadget: the kid's watch that can phone home
Photograph: Emily Gray Photography When Wong first started manufacturing the ... a social enterprise that gives advice about parenting in the digital age. “But putting a tracking device on a child isn’t the way to go, it won’t make them safer.

The Daily 202: Hurricane Irma would have killed vastly more people in the past
This photo from 1900 shows a large part of the city of Galveston ... Anthony Faiola reports from Haiti: “On St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, ‘people there are roaming like zombies,’ said [a bar owner] who managed to leave for the mainland.

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Black Pearl in Santa Monica
You may see roaming pirates in costume, and sea-worthy happenings in the vicinity of the replica. And there's a photo area if you want to snap a picture of the Pearl to share with your pirate-talkin' buds. Should you desire the rollicking cinematic.

Three Songs No Flash
Five Ways To Dissolve Boundaries' photo courtesy of Gil Rouvio Scanning through the recordings ... Scrabble over rocks. Find frenetic digital percussion, live. Meander further, find the bar. Young people laze on throws, chatting over the synths emanating.