Rolleiflex Night Photography Techniques

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A good starting point is Kodak's T-Max line of films, available in ISO 100 and 400, and Ilford's XP2 (which can be processed in color chemistry at any film lab), or Rollei's RPX 100 and RPX 400. The latter are similar to discontinued Agfa films, APX.

New show of Walker Evans' photos in San Francisco - The Daily Star
Later he used a 35 mm and a Rolleiflex , and toward the end of his career, a Polaroid SX-70 camera. His most famous photo , shot in 1936, was of Allie Mae Burroughs, wife of a cotton sharecropper in Alabama. Evans made four 8-by-10-inch exposures of&nbsp.

Here's the Number One Challenge for Photographers - PetaPixel (blog)
But in saying that, some photographers found they never picked up other gear when doing the Number One Challenge, even when it came to commercial work. .... Penn used a variety of equipment - Leica and Nikon cameras, 4" x 5" or 8" x 10" Deardoff view.

Terry Cryer obituary - The Guardian
The crossover then was extraordinary: it was possible to dance to the New Orleans jazz of George Lewis one night and listen to the Modern Jazz Quartet's neoclassicism in concert the next. Cryer absorbed it all, then suddenly disappeared from the jazz.

'Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light' at MoMA - New York Times
He worked for the most part with a Rolleiflex camera on a tripod.) ... He worked briefly as an assistant to the American photographer , painter and Surrealist Man Ray, taking to heart both his sensibility and his freewheeling darkroom techniques.

The Allure of Film Photography - Fstoppers
It happens to me every first night out in the tent: Dreams intensify, I hear strange sounds, it's either cold or hot, and there are critters constantly biting me. It's exactly what I love about being outdoors. The best part about photography is to be.

Exposed - The Economist
A new show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Breuer gallery has been hung to allow the visitor to focus carefully on each photograph . Jeff Rosenheim, the ... A useful approach is to note how the photographer's technique , approach and subject matter.

Five Reasons to Shoot Medium Format Film - Fstoppers
Let us venture back in time for a minute. 35mm film was always considered small. In fact, it was developed in the early 1900s as a means to make high-volume shooting and consumer photography possible. If you were a working professional, you were&nbsp.

3 Simple Photography Tips for Parents – How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids
here are a few quick and easy tips that will help you take your momtography or dadtography to the next level and take better pictures of your kids. It’s never a bad idea to learn about the technical aspects of photography. But when it comes to.

Sergio Larraín: the poet of Valparaiso - Financial Times
The new pictures were different from the old: whereas before he had captured the life flashing in front of the lens, now he made motionless, close-up pictures of plants or the surface of water in a pond or droplets clinging to iron railings. The images.

How to Sleep Through the Night
Sleeping through the night was probably the biggest topic of discussion when ... I'd watch YouTube videos on intermittent fasting, vegan recipes, meal prep, the FODMAP diet, pressure-cooker tips, and, my personal fave, inspiring CrossFit videos.

Four Quick Tips for Photographing Flocks of Ducks
I have spent the past decade experimenting with different techniques for photographing flocks of ducks ... Also, toward the end of a day flocks tend to move to where they will roost for the night. Both these situations can provide a chance to photograph.

A Basic Guide to Light Painting Photography - PetaPixel (blog)
I usually shoot in a pitch black room when light painting (I'll explain why below), so I pre-focus on my subject first while the light is on and switch my camera to manual focus so that I can click the shutter while all the lights are off and stop the.