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Pixel Perfect
Art directors and admen call him when they want someone who ... (He employs six full-time programmers at Box.) Its aim is to imbue digital photography with a specific sensibility—an opinion about the way pictures should look—of the sort that film.

Redux hosting new photography initiative
in the digital age, everyone is a photographer. The new project provides a chance to discuss and show work, bridging the gap between the amateur photography enthusiast and the photography professional. Stetler is a professional fashion, portrait and art.

Jamie Kyle Comes to the Art Side
Kyle’s first art job began when she became involved with a small group doing photo editing and digital restoration in downtown Salt Lake City. She still works with them today and she loves it. She has also managed to achieve both her goals of teaching.

Photo contest to spotlight Indiana agriculture - Kokomo Perspective
The contest is open to the general public, and winning photographs will be featured during a ceremony at the 2017 Indiana State Fair. Contestants are able to submit up to five photos in digital form (horizontal or vertical) and each photo must be.

The high-fashion fantasies of Erwin Blumenfeld – in pictures - The Guardian
Erwin Blumenfeld created some of the most imaginative fashion photography of all time – born out of an early involvement with the witty nonsense of dada. An exhibition, Erwin Blumenfeld: From Dada to Vogue, is at Osborne Samuel gallery, London, until.

Martin Parr: we don’t appreciate British photography enough
As an artist, he’s been flying the flag for British photography since the 70s, but now – with the Foundation – he’s taking that flag, planting it firmly in the ground and setting up camp. There’s a job at hand. “I think the art world in this.

Animating Abstraction, Reimaging Representation: Monika Bravo's Vector Paintings Put Visual Consciousness In Hi ... - Huffington Post
The difference is the 3D-materialization artists extend the dematerializing values and strategies of Conceptual Art to digital imaging, narratives, mythopoetics, satires and paradigms that promote progressive and sustainable political, cultural and.

How some of history's most frightening images were made without Photoshop - CNN
The avant-garde in 1920s Prague, the surrealists in Paris and exponents of the Neues Sehen (New Vision) across Germany transformed photography into an uncanny art form blurring the real and the surreal. Buoyed by newer, smaller cameras and the&nbsp.

Amateur MMA fighter dies in Louisville after losing match - The Courier-Journal
Amateur MMA fighter Donshay White passes away following bout at Hardrock MMA 90 BluegrassMMA.

Erwin Blumenfeld: From Dada to Vogue - Creative Review (blog)
In the 1940s and 50s, Erwin Blumenfeld was one of the most sought-after photographers in the world. His vivid colour images appeared on the covers of US Vogue and Harper's Bazaar as well as campaigns for beauty brands, cars and cigarettes. His work&nbsp.

A Spotlight on the Season's Top Photography Books - New York Times
The array includes every sort of picture falling outside the realm of photography as it is usually understood, ranging across art , science and pseudoscience: X-rays; solarizations ; effects produced by electrification, magnetization and chemical.