Wedding photography lighting basics

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Three Light Setups That Will Tackle Any Wedding Reception - Fstoppers
I often get asked about my lighting setup for wedding receptions. Receptions can be an unruly beast to light properly without good equipment. You never know what you're getting into with things like ceilings, available light , and even the white.

How to get the most out of your wedding photographer
Your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements of your big day. Get the most out of your photographer with our top tips. When it comes to choosing ... will agree that the most beautiful light is the hour or two before sunset.

How to Edit Your Photos: 5 Photoshop Editing Steps for Beginners - Adorama (blog)
When it comes to developing your craft as a photographer , you've done everything right. You've learned all the basics . You've experimented with all sorts of composition tricks and lighting techniques . And most of all, you've finally mastered your camera.

How Simple Lighting Techniques Can Dramatically Enhance Your Photography - Fstoppers
It doesn't matter if you shoot weddings, portraits , or work in the commercial world. With the smallest about of kit and a little bit of knowledge you really can dramatically improve the quality of your images. The guys over at Westcott have produced a.

Wedding Photographers: 5 In-Person Marketing Moves to Make When Meeting Other Vendors - Resource Magazine
As wedding photographers , a good chunk of our business comes from referrals: other wedding industry professionals, photography colleagues, and, of course, our couples themselves. In particular, we love connecting with wedding planners and wedding&nbsp.

Creative Ways to Photograph Wedding Rings Using Household Objects - Fstoppers
Wedding photographers are always looking for creative ways to photograph rings. This video by Magic Lens Group takes us through several ways to light the rings incorporating household objects to achieve moody colors and dynamically lit backgrounds.

Preset Systems: Why Wedding Photography Is the Exception - Fstoppers
The other group of people say that it brings consistency and speed to an otherwise long-winded project. I'm primarily a wedding photographer so I understand both sides of this very reasonable argument. I've always hated trying to understand preset systems.

Why Are There So Many Fake Weddings in Metro Phoenix?
It gives them the opportunity to see how other photographers work, to get tips and feedback ... and some consider it false advertisement. At a real wedding, time is limited, lighting may not be optimal, and things are often chaotic. Being able to produce.

Easy Tips for Setting Up Your Studio - Fstoppers
Photography can be quite an expensive hobby or career. Needless to say us photographers love our gear and always want more of it - or at least I do! Over the past couple of years, I've been transitioning from being primarily a wedding photographer to&nbsp.

Using Creative Lighting Techniques to Mimic Natural Light - PetaPixel (blog)
In this useful little tutorial , wedding photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how, with just a small amount of kit, you can combine speedlights with basic light modifiers to mimic two totally different natural light 'looks' in seconds. The video.

Top Tips for Stunning Wedding Photography
Top tip – speak to photographers at the Wedding Journal Show and ask whether they include an engagement shoot as part of their packages. Think about light Depending on the time of year you get married, light, or shortage of it, will impact your schedule.

Top 8 Tips For Selecting Wedding Photography
They ought to solve problems. Your wedding photographer ought to be elastic. They ought to have the ability to adapt and thrive in tough scenarios. Discover more about their skills and inquire about a tough lighting situation, poor weather, or other.

5 Handy Lighting Techniques using Foam Board - PetaPixel (blog)
In this short-but-useful tutorial from DSLR Video Shooter, Caleb Pike runs you through 5 video and photography uses for simple foam board. Get out a pen and a pad, this photo DIY 101. Foam board (or Foamcore) can be found online or in dollar stores on.

Tips for Responding to Photography Inquiries - Fstoppers
This way I can teach them a bit more, for example recently I wrote a great post geared towards brides and grooms educating them on the different styles of lighting techniques that can be used during their wedding day to achieve the best mix of styles.