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What is street photography? Local artist James Martinson showcases work at Puyallup City Hall
“If feels like sometimes people are raining on your parade,” said Martinson, 67. “But if you just wait a few moments, the sun will come out.” The photographs are two examples of what Martinson captures for his work in street photography, which he.

10 Facts You Need to Know About Film Photography
Personally, I have found film photography to be a great school for slowing my pace, and therapeutic. My main genre is street photography, and I have a tendency to not allow my digital camera ... piercing of the image. People usually think that film.

FFG Tech Update: The Huawei Mate 10 Pro Camera Phone is changing the game
A handful of digital influencers were invited to the launch which was, interestingly enough, situated in a dark restaurant. Queue the panic. Why on earth would anyone choose a dark restaurant, with dark tables to showcase a new tool in photography.

Beyond the lens: Explore infrared photography with Kathy Hornsby
Instead, it gives off a dynamic range of colors, unfamiliar to the human eye, coaxing people ... infrared photography as a creative option after liking how it changes what would be an average photograph into something more dramatic. She uses two digital.

Art history professor examines contemporary photography in new book
“It was interesting to look at Allochis’ photography, being that he came from a different cultural background and perceived his work differently,” Pultz said. “I had never seen someone use models and digital ... showcased and people are using.

What is Digital Photography? [Technology Explained]
Up until a few years ago, photography used to be limited to a select few professionals or people willing to own and maintain a camera, film and then develop them into photographs. It won’t be far fetched to say that digital photography has revolutionized.

What is IR or Infrared photography ?
Most consumer digital camera CCD's allow infrared or near infrared ... A quick and easy test to find out if your camera is even remotely capable of infrared photography is the "Remote test". Turn the camera on and power on the LCD. If you have an SLR.

Infrared Flash Photos on the New York High Line
Most photographers have heard of infrared photography and many have shot with infrared film or digital cameras converted to infrared. However, few have had the opportunity to experiment with infrared flash photography. For me, the cool thing about shooting.

Digital Infrared Photography
In pre-digital days I tried a lot of alternative photography techniques. One of my favorites was infrared (IR) photography. Infrared light has longer wavelengths than visible light, and by using special filters or film you could capture interesting.