What Is Digital Pinhole Photography Slide

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Pinhole photography with a digital camera
So think of this as a DIY Photography story. Sadly, connoisseurs of pinhole photography are about to go apoplectic. Rather than build a film camera, I decided to use my digital camera and convert it into a pinhole camera. Here’s the step-by-step.

iPhone becomes a reliable light meter with Lumu Power [Review]
When shooting with a digital camera, I custom-set my white balance or color ... There’s even a setting for pinhole photography. Lumu Power brings tons of functions that challenge the need to carry a conventional light meter. Photo: David Pierini/Cult.

We can dream, can’t we? Here’s what our staff wants in the perfect phone
Here at Digital Trends we pride ourselves on being able to spot ... There are a lot of phones and apps that offer manual controls to make low-light photography a reality, but it often requires tripod and a lot of tinkering. It would be very interesting.

A Simple Experiment In Digital Pinhole Photography
Lacking immediate access to an old oatmeal container, photo paper, and a traditional darkroom, I decided to create my very own pinhole camera mockup ... Thank goodness for digital photography.

What’s that weird speck in my eclipse photo?
I expected to be traveling on Monday, so when I found myself under the clear Boston sky as the Moon began to move in front of the Sun, I had no eclipse glasses, no supplies to make a pinhole projector ... bright to dark than a digital image sensor.

Compressed 3D and 2D digital images versus standard 3D slide film for the evaluation of glaucomatous optic nerve features
and two-dimensional digital (2DD) imaging evaluating important features of glaucomatous disc damage is comparable to the previous gold standard of stereoscopic slide film photography, supporting the use of digital imaging for teleglaucoma applications.

Eclipse 2017 Mania: All the Data
Over at DigitalGov.gov, the federal digital analytics program had declared NASA’s during ... On their web site, NASA even shared .STL files for 3D printers to generate a pinhole projector camera shaped like the USA. (Or in the shape of your choice.

LG V30 hands on – a mobile photography powerhouse
That following, of course, is typically power users who love the multimedia rich features of the V series, include a focus on photography ... The V30 also supports digital filters that allow you to adjust the impulse response of music and tailor it.

I Just Had 20,000 Slides Returned from Sports Illustrated
Photo by Brad Mangin) Here we are in 2017 and I am glad my obsession with keeping stuff carried over into my photography ... images I knew I had to start having my old slides scanned. I started shooting digital full-time in 2003 so my slides had an.

Foveon’s Remarkable Quest for Realism
Doing this," in this case, means making sensors for digital cameras. Founded in 1997 by legendary ... even for someone like myself who doesn’t know much about photography. Texture is so vivid that as one reviewer has put it, the Foveon sensor seems.